Monday, October 1, 2012

Letter to October

Hello October,

It's so nice to greet you again. A year ago today, I was constantly worried if I could pull through and survived my pregnancy lingo. But God was good to me. His grace and mercy brought me through it all.
Today, there is no day comparable to the days I am living right now because of little Hobb in my life. Hobbit and I are so blessed. The opportunity to watch him grow and the opportunity to raise him...Such big responsibilities, yet God trusted us enough, in His time, to allow the both of us to train our little Hobb in accordance to His mighty will.

Yesterday, as I was observing little Hobb through out the day, I noticed that he no longer acts like a new born, but a growing infant. Constantly trying to reach out for something. Invariably trying to babble words unknown to himself, rapidly showing personality. I can't just contain the joy when all these development are showing right in front of me. What continuously makes my heart skip a beat is his sweet, sweet smile. His purposeful eyes starring right on your face accompanied with a huge unpretentious smile, ever.

Oh ya, little Hobb sleeps like a clock needle at work. Hobbit and I wakes up at different times and he is at a different 'hour' -- ever changing position. Now October, I kinda see my days less boring these days, well not that it was boring before but you know, ever changing, like his sleeping position. Days are fast and time are few...

H&M just launched their outlet last month. I am eyeing on having some of their nice blouses and blazers.I thought I could do so this month but my expenses are way beyond my earnings. Maybe next time. Oh but I will still go, hunt for clothes, that I can add to my already overflowing wish list.

Ehm...Will it rain a lot this month? Will it flood a lot like last year? There were a lot of uncertainties last year and I would like my school days to be predictable so they would be easy on my planning. Making up classes and adding up time proved no fun for a lot of us. The rumors about the 2 meter flood only consumed our worst imagination but they never really sink our land. Other parts did suffer atrociously and I believe it was the betise in the government that should be blamed. Anyway, please tell the weather to be a little kinder to us while you're in reign. 

Make our days idyllic even with daily challenges. Most of all, make me a better person, better than the way I am last month ^_^! Sweet welcome and goodbye. I will try and say hi again the next time you come by.

Hobb Wife

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