Monday, October 1, 2012

Hartke Blast

Yesterday, I took the wheels and drove my family down to Central World. I haven't been here a lot but I always love this place. Before the place burnt down, I remember coming here with my friend, Nok. Almost every week. We love strolling and just look at things. Look at them, check the price tags. Affordable? Took second and third look. Not affordable? Put 'em down. Yeah, so we shop hopped until it was time for refreshments. Then the hunt for dainty things continued. 

Being in Central World on a week end is like being in a night market. Full of people. Not exactly shoppers but people. Like us?? Not shoppers but a part of the crowd who just want to find a comfy place to hang out during the weekend and enjoy some food or the mall's background music to name the least.

So I was searching for dresses on the sale section while Hobbit was pushing little Hobb in his stroller. Out of nowhere, this Hartke kickass combo amp blasted Justin Bieber's Baby song as if honking shoppers to halt and pay attention! Yes, they sounded cool on Hartke amps but hey, to blast off like that for attention is nothing but madness! Shocked, little Hobb was awaken from his about-to-start nap and never went back to his stroller again! Well, if it wasn't for that experience, I wouldn't have noticed the magnificent bass combo hartke. If you can afford one, get one with this brand. I'll guarantee the quality of your music and attentions given! :)

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