Sunday, October 21, 2012

Coming Soon!!

A pastor was driving last week when he saw an old man and gave him a lift. While they were in the car the old stranger asked the pastor; “Do you know what happened in heaven last night?” The pastor quickly pulled over on the curb and asked; “What do you know about what happened in heaven last night?”

The old man replied, “Last night in heaven God became very angry with men and commanded the angels to blow the seven trumpets and pour the bowls of the wrath of God on Earth. God could no longer stand the wickedness and rebellion of the evil. The angels were about to do it when Jesus fell on His knees before God and began to plead in tears. He told His Father that His death on the cross should not go in vain.

God the Father then said; "I will give men their last chance but I do not have much patience and time."

Jesus then turned to the angels and told them to fly to the Earth in numerous numbers and tell each human being to repent and accept Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in their lives. The end is near! Jesus is coming very soon!"

The minster, sweating and trembling asked; “Sir, how did you know this?”
The old man replied; I am one of the angels that were sent to this world. Use every medium of communication to send this message. There is no time to waste. Please! Then the old man simply disappeared.

This story is real. Christ is coming soon! Please repent. I beg of you. Please pass this message around. Copy, share, email and text it. Save a soul today. I have done my part. It is now your turn to spread this very important message. No time wasted in sharing the gospel can be compared to the life everlasting in heaven.

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