Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We Are At 5

I would love to tell you about everything rosy since Nanny number 4 came to town but of all the things that has worked out for me, this I would like to defer, at least on the rosy part. Nanny number 4 had to leave and now we are settled with Nanny number 5. Nanny number 5 is actually Nanny number 4's aunty. The transition was easy thus I had nothing to complain about.

Nanny number 5 loves music. Every now and then, without holding back she would sing to Little Hobb familiar hymns and worship songs. It made my heart smile everytime I hear her singing songs that I want Little Hobb to get familar with. Not some luk thungs and some Karen pops that I have no clues of. I hear this a lot from Nanny number 3. Oh, she called me, this Nanny number 3. Telling how she should have thought it twice before resigning and wanted to get her sabai job back. Yeah, they call baby sitting Little Hobb a sabai job. Well, why did Nanny number 3 even have the nerve to call back and ask me to look for a job for her after all that worries she put me through? Dang, this post is for me to talk about Nanny number 5! Being young, I applaud her for being able to have that motherly instinct for Little Hobb. Makes me think if I should take her to our company picnic at the end of this school year...

Well, it has been a week since Nanny number 5 came, I think she is doing a good job with my baby. She does not cook like our Nanny number 2, yet she is helpful in every ways. Having her indeed is another way God showed us that He care.

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