Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Walk To Madam Butterfly

This week was one of those weeks where I thought I should be relaxing more than working and sleeping more than waking but everything went the other way round. 

After my school's retreat, I went home to do laundry, tidy the kitchen, wash the dishes, unpack stuff from the retreat, continued routines with little Hobb and did many more rounds of laundry after that. Both Hobbit and I were super exhausted. Nanny was on holiday. 

The next day, instead of church, we decided to praise God from home. Taught little Hobb songs and praises. We went to fix the broken breast pump (after it was returned to me) as instructed by the sales lady, but apparently it was already fixed. Silly her for not checking and all that miscommunication on her part. Sabbath went by swiftly...

It was 5pm and the weather was getting gloomy. I rushed between dolling up myself and preparing little Hobb's food. If my mind was blessed with hands and feet, it would be able to by-pass my multitasking skills. Obviously it worked quicker than my physical capabilities. I was lost in between my mascara and my hungry baby's yell! To top that, Hobbit was worried of me being late for my 6pm appointment with the van in school to go watch the Madam Butterfly with my students at Thailand Cultural Center. Whew!! He pushed me to the max so I could set my head right and focus on where I would be going. That he would make a careful attempt to handle little Hobb, alone. 

Van to leave at 6pm and I was just halfway to the van, I decided to be "frugal" and took the BTS and then the MRT. Just as I was running up the BTS, my heels felt as if they were about to break. Ahh! Why do they have to break today?? Throughout the hallway to the MRT train, I was hoping everything would be a short walk away. When I reached Thailand Cultural Center, I thought as soon as I stepped down and go up the escalator, I would see the migthy TCC. Nope! My opposite view was of Big C. Then as I walked further,I decided to stop and ask for direction. Ahh, it's bla bla bla bla bla. That's also a description of how far I had to walk. And sweat.

As soon as I arrived TCC, I went into a convenient store, bought a cold drink, drank all of it, ran to the restroom and wipe all the yucky sweat away. This was how I attended Madam Butterfly. Moody and smelly! Yet thank God that it was all worth it. The play was really good. I got to come home with the van halfway till school. And it rained, but I managed to take a taxi home.

Hobbit was relieved that I came home safely yet he was more thankful that I was home to relief him from handling baby hobb all alone. :)

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