Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Life Ticks!

I haven't find time to share my 30 Day Challenge Photography with Baby Hobb yet! Argh!! I have taken the pictures everyday. Just need to find time to blog! Work have kept me busy and with the triple A visitation to our school this week, life hasn't slowed down a bit. On top of that, it is to my health expense that I am running all these errands until weekend says hello. 

Right now, all I think about is that cozy bed at home. It's calling me like crazy! My working environment is really contaminated right now. Not a good place be with all the different kinds of viruses circling in the air. Yet I am grateful to still have the energy to work. This flu is not a good thing. It basically hinders me from doing full swing of what I do best in class -- talk. My students are happy because I 'babble' less and let them sit and do their work peacefully. I need to know where to find pandora charms that enables me to get better and on my feet again. I have a whole lot of monkeys to watch over my shoulders, and a baby to care for. God help me!

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