Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stills the Soul

My friend G, living in Sydney, has been complaining that I don't write authentic stuff anymore. She also complained about me not doing any of my usual hobbies. Well girl, I need more than 24 hours a day if I have to fit in blogging and hobbies into my daily schedule. My life is craaaaaahhhhzeeeeeee right now! Haha! 

I told myself before baby Hobb came that I won't want my friends to think that I am always busy with the baby that I don't have time to do anything. Well, right now, I want to officially declare that I really, really don't have time for needles and threads, and pots and pans, what more Private Practice and Glee!!! Apart from work, I spend all my leisure on wiping pukes and singing lullabies...Ah wait, singing lullabies for me self to sleep, and not the baby. Yes, I spend my 'free time' thinking what is the next errands in my to-do list. And when I am done with a day's list, I spend my suppose-to-be sleeping time writing my next to-do list and the cycle goes on...!!!

Yet ladies and gentleman, my life is full of purpose now. I use to think about my purpose in life, A LOT in the past. When a baby suddenly pops out as a light bulb in your life, you will know right on why you are doing what you are doing. As the days goes by, you suddenly realize that your future is not a future without him or her in it. Then slowly, the things that mattered most to you in the past no longer hold place in your priority list. You see yourself crossing out all your selfishness and wants with one unison reason--sacrifice.There, the purpose of them all...Once you know it, your heart will beat at peace, just by knowing. 

So G, if I could do anything to defy gravity, I will jump on the opportunity to complete some of my incomplete projects lying around the house and pick up the ladle to whisk a cake or two. :) 

Uhm, is this authentic enough? Or should I mention something like life ins? Haha!
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