Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nanny Number 4

I sort of heard a self-spoken line that went like "Congratulations Hobbwife, you just got yourself a fourth nanny!" Grrrr...Yeah, before anyone says something to me about a situation, I always make a self-practise, a sort of re-run in my head of how he or she would ask a question or make a remark about something and how I would respond to them. Come on, you do that too, don't you? Good or bad, I make sure to have a self prep. so to not all of a sudden get too overly excited and of course not to instantly lash out and slap somebody on their face -- Bam!
Yes, we have a new nanny number 4. Nanny number 3 stayed like what, a week and a half? But let me tell you, that God do work in mysterous ways. When I found out how the puzzle fits altogether, I thought it were the fruits of the work we (the three of us) have done but no! He loves us unconditionally regardless of the good deeds and the bad deeds we did. This is the God we serve.
Right after our mother nanny number 2 left for a very good reason (we love her), she helped us find nanny number 3. Just as we were about to get acquainted with each other, nanny number 3, who wears a slane bee necklace, already have to bid goodbye. In distress, Hobbit called a pastor who helped us get nanny number 2. Pastor wasn't sure if there's anyone. So he and us prayed about it.
Taste and see that the Lord is good...
In an instant, pastor called back and we have nanny number 4. It happened that a sweet girl was in search for a job. Speaking of coincidence. We gladly went to the pastor's house yesterday to pick up nanny number 4. Speaking again of coincidence. Nanny number 4 can manage malay conversation very well. Ahh...How nice. Now we can converse in three languages at home. Four if we learn her mother tongue, Karen.
We are truly blessed.

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