Saturday, August 4, 2012

Meeting with Aunty Jov

My family (Hobbit, little baby Hobb and I) look forward to every Friday evenings. When baby Hobb came into our life, we made it a habit to take him when we are free to think about school and work the next day. Of course the next day will be Sabbath for us, but an evening dinner with a short stroll will not harm our spiritual life, do they? Besides the weekend, we seldom or close to never take baby Hobb out unless he needs to go to the hospital. During the weekends, baby Hobb is usually surrounded by his awesome aunties and sometimes uncles. We make it such that he will get to socialize with them while we at the same time, relax our minds! :) 

So Friday evening, yesterday, Hobbit and I took little Hobb to the newly opened Japanese Mall, Gateway to get some 'fresh air' (you know Bangkok!!). Little Hobb also got to meet aunty Jov, who came for vacation purposes. We dined at a Japanese restaurant called Otumo Tomato. The food was great and I will surely be back for their ceasar salad and pumpkin soup! I love the colors of the restaurant too, I mean, at least little Hobb did, for a while. I just wish they have oversized bean bag chairs where we can sit on and relax. 

The night was good. Little Hobb enjoyed his stroll and we got to chill after a long day of work!
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