Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bumbo Baby Seat for Baby Hobb

Baby Hobb loves his lime green Bumbo Baby Seat. We bought it with the make shift table too! Hobbit and I won't splurge if it wasn't for his urge to want to sit down all the time. And now that he is feeding on solid food, it trains him to sit when having a meal. I hate seeing kids running around while being fed. So I don't want baby Hobb to cultivate the same habit. Praying hard he will not. 

Trying out the Bumbo seat at the store
Hobbit and I went to get his chair from a representative store after ordering it online. Costly, but anything for this little munchkin! He loves being in his seat! I love the touch of it too! :)

Checking out the mini table :)
 If you would like to get this Bumbo seat here in Thailand, check out baby best buy. There are many different colors to choose from. :)
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