Saturday, August 25, 2012

Broken Breast pump

I love my pink manual breast pump but as baby Hobb gets a little older everyday, he prefers to have his milk in the bottle rather than latching on, except when he is sleepy. Due to this, my pumping session has become frequent. I try to discipline myself to pump milk out every  3-4 hours a day. Now, pumping milk is not an easy task. 
Exactly how my Mothercare breast pump look like

I don't know how a cow feels after being pumped (I feel for them having many pumps latching on at once in one milking session) but at the end of one session, I totally felt exhausted, like I do copper tube bending! My hands and fingers gets sore from all the pressing/adding pressure. My arms get clumsy, my knees and ankles ache! I totally felt so worn out! I have to quickly drink something or else I would faint. It is totally different from when baby Hobbs latches on. It is more natural, more relaxing. Not pumping.

So, in order to ease my misery, Hobbit decided that I should have an electronic breast pump that does the pumping job for me while all I have to do is to hold the pump bottle. Easy right? When the recent Baby Best Buy Thailand at Queen Sirikit was held, we were the first few customers who visited the event. This event is held every twice a year. The last time I went was last February, and got lots of good deals on the big stuff like cribs, stroller, etc. This time I went, I focused solely on what baby Hobb could use for the next few months like feeding stuff and the biggest investment of all this month -- an electronic breast pump. 

As soon as I got it, I started using it. Boy did it make a heck lot of a difference! The many nightmare sessions of manual pumpings suddenly turns out to be fun and much awaited for session. My milk production increased as well due to the flexibility of the pump that can go slow to fast according to the speed of your preference. Everytime I come home from work, I would sit by the bedside and turn on the pumps while I enjoy reading my Reader's Digest. I actually have time to slit in some reading time!! Hooray! 

But last Wednesday, I suddenly noticed that the electric pump didn't exert much pressure anymore. I thought it was the speed but I double checked. It wasn't the speed. Something was wrong at the tip of the tube connecting to the little machine. So I checked and found that the little plastic cap broke and leaks air while pumping. Arggghhh! Now what am I suppose to do? There was no spare parts in the box but I did keep the warranty card. 

In despair, I just took the broken tube to the representative store to fix it and the lady told me I need to wait a donkey MONTH for them to ship the parts from Hong Kong to Bangkok! What?? How will I contain my milk without the e-pump for a month?? Giving me no option, I had to resort to the manual pump! Switching back, my motivation of pumping went down to once a day!! Pathetic right?? Yeah...I need to re-fix my pumping schedule. Otherwise, baby Hobb would run out of the most essential milk once and for all! And I don't want that to happen to him! 

Oh, just so you soon-to-be mothers want to know, the doctor told me that when the baby reach six months old, breast milk is just like a snack to them. We can choose to ween them off if we want to. One more month for me!!

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