Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nanny Number 4

I sort of heard a self-spoken line that went like "Congratulations Hobbwife, you just got yourself a fourth nanny!" Grrrr...Yeah, before anyone says something to me about a situation, I always make a self-practise, a sort of re-run in my head of how he or she would ask a question or make a remark about something and how I would respond to them. Come on, you do that too, don't you? Good or bad, I make sure to have a self prep. so to not all of a sudden get too overly excited and of course not to instantly lash out and slap somebody on their face -- Bam!
Yes, we have a new nanny number 4. Nanny number 3 stayed like what, a week and a half? But let me tell you, that God do work in mysterous ways. When I found out how the puzzle fits altogether, I thought it were the fruits of the work we (the three of us) have done but no! He loves us unconditionally regardless of the good deeds and the bad deeds we did. This is the God we serve.
Right after our mother nanny number 2 left for a very good reason (we love her), she helped us find nanny number 3. Just as we were about to get acquainted with each other, nanny number 3, who wears a slane bee necklace, already have to bid goodbye. In distress, Hobbit called a pastor who helped us get nanny number 2. Pastor wasn't sure if there's anyone. So he and us prayed about it.
Taste and see that the Lord is good...
In an instant, pastor called back and we have nanny number 4. It happened that a sweet girl was in search for a job. Speaking of coincidence. We gladly went to the pastor's house yesterday to pick up nanny number 4. Speaking again of coincidence. Nanny number 4 can manage malay conversation very well. Ahh...How nice. Now we can converse in three languages at home. Four if we learn her mother tongue, Karen.
We are truly blessed.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bumbo Baby Seat for Baby Hobb

Baby Hobb loves his lime green Bumbo Baby Seat. We bought it with the make shift table too! Hobbit and I won't splurge if it wasn't for his urge to want to sit down all the time. And now that he is feeding on solid food, it trains him to sit when having a meal. I hate seeing kids running around while being fed. So I don't want baby Hobb to cultivate the same habit. Praying hard he will not. 

Trying out the Bumbo seat at the store
Hobbit and I went to get his chair from a representative store after ordering it online. Costly, but anything for this little munchkin! He loves being in his seat! I love the touch of it too! :)

Checking out the mini table :)
 If you would like to get this Bumbo seat here in Thailand, check out baby best buy. There are many different colors to choose from. :)

Broken Breast pump

I love my pink manual breast pump but as baby Hobb gets a little older everyday, he prefers to have his milk in the bottle rather than latching on, except when he is sleepy. Due to this, my pumping session has become frequent. I try to discipline myself to pump milk out every  3-4 hours a day. Now, pumping milk is not an easy task. 
Exactly how my Mothercare breast pump look like

I don't know how a cow feels after being pumped (I feel for them having many pumps latching on at once in one milking session) but at the end of one session, I totally felt exhausted, like I do copper tube bending! My hands and fingers gets sore from all the pressing/adding pressure. My arms get clumsy, my knees and ankles ache! I totally felt so worn out! I have to quickly drink something or else I would faint. It is totally different from when baby Hobbs latches on. It is more natural, more relaxing. Not pumping.

So, in order to ease my misery, Hobbit decided that I should have an electronic breast pump that does the pumping job for me while all I have to do is to hold the pump bottle. Easy right? When the recent Baby Best Buy Thailand at Queen Sirikit was held, we were the first few customers who visited the event. This event is held every twice a year. The last time I went was last February, and got lots of good deals on the big stuff like cribs, stroller, etc. This time I went, I focused solely on what baby Hobb could use for the next few months like feeding stuff and the biggest investment of all this month -- an electronic breast pump. 

As soon as I got it, I started using it. Boy did it make a heck lot of a difference! The many nightmare sessions of manual pumpings suddenly turns out to be fun and much awaited for session. My milk production increased as well due to the flexibility of the pump that can go slow to fast according to the speed of your preference. Everytime I come home from work, I would sit by the bedside and turn on the pumps while I enjoy reading my Reader's Digest. I actually have time to slit in some reading time!! Hooray! 

But last Wednesday, I suddenly noticed that the electric pump didn't exert much pressure anymore. I thought it was the speed but I double checked. It wasn't the speed. Something was wrong at the tip of the tube connecting to the little machine. So I checked and found that the little plastic cap broke and leaks air while pumping. Arggghhh! Now what am I suppose to do? There was no spare parts in the box but I did keep the warranty card. 

In despair, I just took the broken tube to the representative store to fix it and the lady told me I need to wait a donkey MONTH for them to ship the parts from Hong Kong to Bangkok! What?? How will I contain my milk without the e-pump for a month?? Giving me no option, I had to resort to the manual pump! Switching back, my motivation of pumping went down to once a day!! Pathetic right?? Yeah...I need to re-fix my pumping schedule. Otherwise, baby Hobb would run out of the most essential milk once and for all! And I don't want that to happen to him! 

Oh, just so you soon-to-be mothers want to know, the doctor told me that when the baby reach six months old, breast milk is just like a snack to them. We can choose to ween them off if we want to. One more month for me!!

I Won't Give Up On You

I was trying to learn this song on piano today. Youtubed it and turns out it is that easy to play! Next is to learn how to play it with my guitar! Time, please be kind to moey!

Stills the Soul

My friend G, living in Sydney, has been complaining that I don't write authentic stuff anymore. She also complained about me not doing any of my usual hobbies. Well girl, I need more than 24 hours a day if I have to fit in blogging and hobbies into my daily schedule. My life is craaaaaahhhhzeeeeeee right now! Haha! 

I told myself before baby Hobb came that I won't want my friends to think that I am always busy with the baby that I don't have time to do anything. Well, right now, I want to officially declare that I really, really don't have time for needles and threads, and pots and pans, what more Private Practice and Glee!!! Apart from work, I spend all my leisure on wiping pukes and singing lullabies...Ah wait, singing lullabies for me self to sleep, and not the baby. Yes, I spend my 'free time' thinking what is the next errands in my to-do list. And when I am done with a day's list, I spend my suppose-to-be sleeping time writing my next to-do list and the cycle goes on...!!!

Yet ladies and gentleman, my life is full of purpose now. I use to think about my purpose in life, A LOT in the past. When a baby suddenly pops out as a light bulb in your life, you will know right on why you are doing what you are doing. As the days goes by, you suddenly realize that your future is not a future without him or her in it. Then slowly, the things that mattered most to you in the past no longer hold place in your priority list. You see yourself crossing out all your selfishness and wants with one unison reason--sacrifice.There, the purpose of them all...Once you know it, your heart will beat at peace, just by knowing. 

So G, if I could do anything to defy gravity, I will jump on the opportunity to complete some of my incomplete projects lying around the house and pick up the ladle to whisk a cake or two. :) 

Uhm, is this authentic enough? Or should I mention something like life ins? Haha!

Payphone - Alex G

Maroon 5 is coming to Bangkok! My friends and students are really excited about it. I'll just past! Hah! I love their payphone song, by the way. Reminds me of how I used to collect coins just to call that special person from a public phone...:)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Mother's Day at School

It's Mother's Day today at our school. We celebrated Mother's Day the same day as the Queen's birthday here in Thailand. The Queen's birthday falls on every 12th of August every year. Since the 12th falls on Sunday this year, our school decided to have a small program for all the mothers today. This is also my first Thai Mother's Day as a mom. The program was simple and short but I was impressed with two things -- the students' speech and the music. I thought both my students did well with their speeches and Nattwara, a grade 5 student, who was also my former Chinese student, did excellent and pulled through a beautiful song popularized by Whitney Houston - The Greatest Love of All. To think the little girl has such a big, amazing voice was mind blowing. Anyway, my student who recommended me mapex drums dealers did well on his violin as well. He came and asked me if I noticed he played the violin. Of course I did! So to all you mothers out there, in Thailand especially, Happy Thai Mother's Day. Thank you for all the sacrifices and love you've shown to your children. To the beautiful Queen, a very happy birthday! :)

Happy Birthday, Mitch!

Happy Birthday Mitch! I felt so bad that I forgot to wish my brother Mitchum on his birthday yesterday. So I woke up at 3am just to lurke into his FB and wish him, with the excuse that I was busy entertaining his nephew, little Hobb. My sister gave him leather wallets for men knowing that he badly needed to change his wallet! Yup, that is my brother. He is the most frugal among us sibs. That explains why he handle moola way better than any of us at home. I am proud to be his sister because of his many good traits be it inherited or not. :) Now all I wish for is to see him walk down the isle with the girl of his dream! Oh wait...Someone that I approve of...Haha!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Time for New Shades?

Time for New Shades? 

The caption above caught my attention when I keyed in rayban cheap in google. My choices of shades changed since I cut my hair short. I no longer like the predator look but more into aviator look. Most of my predator sunnies didn't make the cut when I put it on with short hair. But, the aviators ones, which I never had when I had my hair long, looked really good. So, instead of going out to all the rayban stores in Bangkok, I made a search online to see if there are certain shades that fits to my liking. Well, I did buy two of the aviator shades from Vinci and at one of the kiosk in Major, Ekamai but I am still looking for a shade that has a crystal grey gradiant lens. I'll show you when I made it to the end of my hunt! :)

21st Century Learners

This was shown at our new students orientation program yesterday. For all you teachers, take time to think about it. This overwhelms me to pursue more technology use in my classroom. I am already utilizing them but still, how much do they really learn? How can they learn effectively through technology? Do I have to totally sweep off traditional classroom?

Meeting with Aunty Jov

My family (Hobbit, little baby Hobb and I) look forward to every Friday evenings. When baby Hobb came into our life, we made it a habit to take him when we are free to think about school and work the next day. Of course the next day will be Sabbath for us, but an evening dinner with a short stroll will not harm our spiritual life, do they? Besides the weekend, we seldom or close to never take baby Hobb out unless he needs to go to the hospital. During the weekends, baby Hobb is usually surrounded by his awesome aunties and sometimes uncles. We make it such that he will get to socialize with them while we at the same time, relax our minds! :) 

So Friday evening, yesterday, Hobbit and I took little Hobb to the newly opened Japanese Mall, Gateway to get some 'fresh air' (you know Bangkok!!). Little Hobb also got to meet aunty Jov, who came for vacation purposes. We dined at a Japanese restaurant called Otumo Tomato. The food was great and I will surely be back for their ceasar salad and pumpkin soup! I love the colors of the restaurant too, I mean, at least little Hobb did, for a while. I just wish they have oversized bean bag chairs where we can sit on and relax. 

The night was good. Little Hobb enjoyed his stroll and we got to chill after a long day of work!

Sew His Word

I simply love the message in this poem.

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