Sunday, July 15, 2012

Introducing Formula Milk

I started introducing formula milk to little Hobb a week after he came home from the hospital. Yes, I know facts about breastfeeding and I also know that breastfeeding tops it all. However, sometimes what we wish for is out of our control and ability. My son was not too impress with breastfeeding no matter how comfortable I tried to make him. He only takes breast milk for less than 3 minutes and gives up. I had to pump the rest out and feed him through a bottle. Even so, my milk is not enough for him due to him not latching very often. So little Hobb is both a breastfed and formula-fed baby. 

Lately, his formula milk is giving him constipation. Everyday, we need to help him with some CVO. So last week, I took the courage to change his milk to a soy-based milk. Many parents claimed that once their dairy-based babies tasted a soy-based milk, they would spit the soy out of their system. I took the plunge anyway and hey, little Hobb loves it. Today marked a week of him being on breast milk and soy milk. He has no problem switching between the two. But, we noticed this morning that his stool consistency had changed from hard golden-yellow to a runny dark green stool. This disturbed me but I also know that things like this happen when we make some changes in babies' milk. Now, should I switch back since the soy milk is about to finish or should I continue with the soy? You might think that soy based milk is healthier compared to cow based milk but let me tell you, soy based milk has its own cons. Don't get sold by marketing strategies unless you have done a thorough read on it. The articles I read here and here, made me cringe. To think about how all the vegetarians adore tofu and gluten...I can go on and on but hey, my post is merely talking about formula milk. At the end, I think Hobbit and I will still stick to cow's milk and soy milk to see which one actually suits him best. This way, it will be more easier to choose which milk suits him best as he grows...

Oh, I suddenly remember that I need to get jockey scrubs. Toodles! :)

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