Sunday, July 15, 2012

Holiday Tutoring

Doing tutorials on a holiday is not all that fun. Given a choice, I would rather do tutorials during regular school days as it doesn't interfere with any unwanted changes in my schedule. This summer, I am asked to tutor a student who is transferring from a Thai school to our school. So the father wants the son to be able to catch up with his language skills. The session is all fun but for me to go to places in order to comply with my student's preferences kills me. One place the both of us dislike the most is Ekamai Major's McDonalds. I wonder why McD don't bother to fix their air-cond. The first and second day we were there, we both sweat like crazy! Anyway, it has been a week now and we favor the food court nearby that place more compared that place! Their thermal transfer wasn't working too! Nevertheless, I am glad that I was allowed to take a break for a week from tutoring this week and start again next week. At least I could use some extra to support baby Hobb's ample crave for milk! :)

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