Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Yoyo Gang

I have awesome students this summer. There are six of them -- four girls and two boys. They like to go everywhere in groups. I label them The Yoyo gang. Reason is, they like to bring yoyo candy to class almost everyday. They even accumulated the yoyo packet bags and kept it in a bigger bag so they could count how many yoyos they have consumed since summer class started. They use gold bars to count every single little things. Well, not exactly gold bars but the like. 

Before the first week ended, one of them suggested they have mama party during their break time. So one of them brought a mini water heater. The water heater is still in my classroom right now. The second week, they thought they wanted 7-eleven fast food party. So one of them brought a microwave to school. Seriously. These students bought a big bag full of microwavable food and shared with me in class. I never have such awesome meal during break time as this one. Then before the second week ended, they decided to have American breakfast on their first break time. So one of them brought a.....bread toaster!! Woah! I couldn't believe my eyes when they started putting out all their utensils and really ate American breakfast! Not to mention in between the weeks, they ordered from Pizza company, Mc Donalds and KFC! I was blown away totally. Yet, I enjoyed having them because I enjoyed the treats. Bwahahaha! Don't get me wrong, we are not in a cooking class! These students never neglected their studies. Very dedicated students as well. And I thank God for each of them. They inspired me a lot during this summer and I am sad that it is going to end next week already! I will definitely remember these bunch of students for they are unique and special in their own different ways!

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