Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nothing Is Gonna Change My Love

Kaori Kobayashi was among one of my inspiration when I started learning the saxophone 4 years ago. Apart from Mindy Abair, Kobayashi's music motivated me to practice everyday despite my chapped and sore lips due to learning the instrument. The time when I found out I was carrying little Hobb, I distance myself from my sax and was suffering from the withdrawal effect for quite sometime. There was a time during my pregnancy that I really felt like grabbing my sax and just blow to the songs that I have been practicing from my many lessons with Joe. Now, it is almost impossible to make music through my saxophone due to an open neighborhood I moved into this year. Haish! Wish I have my own sound proof room!Yet, nothing is gonna change my love for my sax!! I'll take you back in my arms and never let go...One day...One day..

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