Sunday, June 3, 2012

MI3 with my Students

Since the school year is ending soon, so my homeroom, my substitute and I decided to do something together and that was to watch Man In Black 3 on its first launch in Terminal 21. One of my students in my homeroom is also going back to Denmark and therefore we decided to do something with him.

On Thursday May 24th, I happened to finish subbing at 1pm, just in time for me to get to our embassy in order to collect my son's birth certificate and temporary passport. I thought the traffic would be bad that it was best to take the BTS. Yet when I took a taxi to the BTS, the taxi driver inquire about my destination and therefore advice me to just use him all the way to the embassy. True enough, it only took 10 minutes for him to drive me there. I managed to do my pick-ups and headed towards the BTS to Terminal 21.

I was hungry so I decided to stop by T21's food court. My first time at the food court actually. I was impressed by the food and affordable price. I had my late lunch and headed to the movie theater floor. Met up with my kids and in we went for MI3. Movie was good but didn't impressed me much. After our goodbyes, my super phone died on me. Great. I had to run to a public phone to call Hobbit. Met up with Hobbit, who had to do some voice over work somewhere and went home to our pumpkin! :)

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