Saturday, June 23, 2012

Easy Web Page Builder

I was totally blown away by this site called easy web page builder. You must take time to check it out. How much time and effort does it take to make a website? I remember my teenage years when I first tried to create my own website using yahoo page builder. It cost me sleepless nights just to finish up one simple column and many insomnia nights to built things up from scratch. Those days, I didn't mind much about sleep nor care much about time. I rather stay at home and sit for hours a day starring on a tiny but bulky computer screen! Those were really the days. Days where my mom had to yell before I could get up at quarter to 12. Then she had to do another yelling at quarter to 5 in the wee mornings! Those were the days when panda eyes were normal among students with the same interest in my class. Ahh...Should I re-live those days, I would have slept as much. Yes, as much as I can...sleep.

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