Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cute Tool Bags

I was cleaning my plastic drawers yesterday and noticed that Hobbit has a lot of tools that needed a real home. They cannot just be everywhere around the drawers. So I told him after he got home that he will have to gather all his tools and send them to me for a head count and measuring. He was very curious as to why I have to measure his tools. Then I told him that I was just trying to help him get organized. "Am I not organized enough? I put them in the drawers!" "Oh ya...In the drawers...But it is everywhere in the drawers!" A few minutes after that, he came out from our mini room and brought me his tools in different sizes and said "here. Now tell me why do you have to measure them?" I paused but can't help smiling...Then finally have to just kill his curiosity by telling him that I was going to sew him a tool bag. Now, he has no choice but to choose among the tool bags that I personally like as the pictures below. 

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