Saturday, June 30, 2012

2nd Hepatitis B Shot

It's Sabbath and I am due for another Hepatitis vaccine shot. I totally have forgotten that I have to do it a month after until the nurse called me to reconfirm my appointment yesterday. Thinking that I just went there last Wednesday for baby Hobb's vaccination. Arrghh! I might as well get my fiberreed on our way back for my saxophone. 

Baby Hobb woke up very early this morning, as usual. I think I accidentally glide his face with my right arm earlier. I was dreaming of something that involved my hands. Goodness, I wonder if I have ever hit him accidentally in the past while he was sleeping next to me? Okay, this post is going nowhere and very random. I am going to dress up and get the boys look good right now. They are still not close to getting ready yet! Enjoy the Sabbath's blessings guys! :)

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