Saturday, June 30, 2012

2nd Hepatitis B Shot

It's Sabbath and I am due for another Hepatitis vaccine shot. I totally have forgotten that I have to do it a month after until the nurse called me to reconfirm my appointment yesterday. Thinking that I just went there last Wednesday for baby Hobb's vaccination. Arrghh! I might as well get my fiberreed on our way back for my saxophone. 

Baby Hobb woke up very early this morning, as usual. I think I accidentally glide his face with my right arm earlier. I was dreaming of something that involved my hands. Goodness, I wonder if I have ever hit him accidentally in the past while he was sleeping next to me? Okay, this post is going nowhere and very random. I am going to dress up and get the boys look good right now. They are still not close to getting ready yet! Enjoy the Sabbath's blessings guys! :)

The Yoyo Gang

I have awesome students this summer. There are six of them -- four girls and two boys. They like to go everywhere in groups. I label them The Yoyo gang. Reason is, they like to bring yoyo candy to class almost everyday. They even accumulated the yoyo packet bags and kept it in a bigger bag so they could count how many yoyos they have consumed since summer class started. They use gold bars to count every single little things. Well, not exactly gold bars but the like. 

Before the first week ended, one of them suggested they have mama party during their break time. So one of them brought a mini water heater. The water heater is still in my classroom right now. The second week, they thought they wanted 7-eleven fast food party. So one of them brought a microwave to school. Seriously. These students bought a big bag full of microwavable food and shared with me in class. I never have such awesome meal during break time as this one. Then before the second week ended, they decided to have American breakfast on their first break time. So one of them brought a.....bread toaster!! Woah! I couldn't believe my eyes when they started putting out all their utensils and really ate American breakfast! Not to mention in between the weeks, they ordered from Pizza company, Mc Donalds and KFC! I was blown away totally. Yet, I enjoyed having them because I enjoyed the treats. Bwahahaha! Don't get me wrong, we are not in a cooking class! These students never neglected their studies. Very dedicated students as well. And I thank God for each of them. They inspired me a lot during this summer and I am sad that it is going to end next week already! I will definitely remember these bunch of students for they are unique and special in their own different ways!

If I Cry A Thousand Tears

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Is This Your Playground?

I was strolling at the park with Hobbit last week and we found ourselves discussing about playground equipment and its safety. One of the things we were concerned about is hygiene. Since we were bogged down with a lot of vaccine issues, now we find ourselves getting paranoid over little things that might be a play area for our little one in the future. Yet, we talked about wanting to let little Hobb 'dig worms' so as to build his immunity towards all the germs around him but letting him being around kids that comes from different places and different homes in the playground? To think that we want to limit his vaccine intake? Many times I don't know how parents split their brains. It is still hard for the both of us to take in many things we oppose to in regards of raising our child but where do we draw the line?

Structured Settlements

I really have no idea about structured settlements. Yet I know that it helps a person when he or she needs funding so he or she can get on with his or her life. When we purchase our annuity with them or do structured settlement payments, they will help us get the lump sum money we need. Anyway, I can't possibly do this right now because of my many commitments. Little Hobb do need a lot of things and Hobbit and I are trying to prepare his future as much as we can, now. I am so glad to have parents who thought about their children's future. They have taught me how to manage my son's future by having good financial plans now so that we do not have to worry so much in the future. 

Minimouse Baby

Saw this in pinterest.
Hello Minimouse baby...You are so adorable! :)

Cute Tool Bags

I was cleaning my plastic drawers yesterday and noticed that Hobbit has a lot of tools that needed a real home. They cannot just be everywhere around the drawers. So I told him after he got home that he will have to gather all his tools and send them to me for a head count and measuring. He was very curious as to why I have to measure his tools. Then I told him that I was just trying to help him get organized. "Am I not organized enough? I put them in the drawers!" "Oh ya...In the drawers...But it is everywhere in the drawers!" A few minutes after that, he came out from our mini room and brought me his tools in different sizes and said "here. Now tell me why do you have to measure them?" I paused but can't help smiling...Then finally have to just kill his curiosity by telling him that I was going to sew him a tool bag. Now, he has no choice but to choose among the tool bags that I personally like as the pictures below. 

Easy Web Page Builder

I was totally blown away by this site called easy web page builder. You must take time to check it out. How much time and effort does it take to make a website? I remember my teenage years when I first tried to create my own website using yahoo page builder. It cost me sleepless nights just to finish up one simple column and many insomnia nights to built things up from scratch. Those days, I didn't mind much about sleep nor care much about time. I rather stay at home and sit for hours a day starring on a tiny but bulky computer screen! Those were really the days. Days where my mom had to yell before I could get up at quarter to 12. Then she had to do another yelling at quarter to 5 in the wee mornings! Those were the days when panda eyes were normal among students with the same interest in my class. Ahh...Should I re-live those days, I would have slept as much. Yes, as much as I can...sleep.

Smart or Dumb Phone?

So she finally bought an iphone after 5 months of sitting on the fence between iphone and Samsung galaxy SII. Many convinced her to buy iphone and many convinced her to get the adroid driven Samsung too! So she rather settled for a cheap Nokia phone before deciding on the best smartphone that suits her. I understand her struggles on making a decision. They say life was much easier when apple and blackberry were just fruits back then. The market is filled with smartphones as cheap as 4000B. Whoever wants to be 'tarzan' nowadays? Anyway, soon I too have to make a choice on whether to settle for a smartphone or a dumbphone...Hehehe! My Berry is dying on me. Dang!

Plastic Printers

Just finished printing some stuff needed for a wedding gift. I am so glad my substitute teacher replaced my old printer in my classroom to a much sought for printer machine. I now can print, photocopy, fax and do other convenient stuff other than plastic printing. I was surfing and found the card printers to be really cool. Those who are in the print and design business must have one of these card machines because they are not like the usual, bulky ones. We can have one for our personal use as well. You can print gift cards and different types of tags from it. One good investment for those who design and make cards! :)

Nothing Is Gonna Change My Love

Kaori Kobayashi was among one of my inspiration when I started learning the saxophone 4 years ago. Apart from Mindy Abair, Kobayashi's music motivated me to practice everyday despite my chapped and sore lips due to learning the instrument. The time when I found out I was carrying little Hobb, I distance myself from my sax and was suffering from the withdrawal effect for quite sometime. There was a time during my pregnancy that I really felt like grabbing my sax and just blow to the songs that I have been practicing from my many lessons with Joe. Now, it is almost impossible to make music through my saxophone due to an open neighborhood I moved into this year. Haish! Wish I have my own sound proof room!Yet, nothing is gonna change my love for my sax!! I'll take you back in my arms and never let go...One day...One day..

Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Nanny

Just in the span of two weeks, little Hobb already has two nannies. The first one left and the new one is on duty. Lets talk about the first nanny. She seemed to be a puppet to her husband. We were introduced to her by a church friend a week before she started work, the first week of June. She is married with a husband and three grown up children. We liked her because she was really into little Hobb and not worry about how much she would get. Yet, the person who drives her sprinter van rack life is her husband. Hobbit and I dislike the husband despite how much he wanted us to trust him. Just wish he hopsHe used to pick up the wife in the evenings. If the wife is still working by the time he reached our place, he will come in to the house and look around as if inspecting on things. I can't tell you how much I hated the gesture! 
In the span of two weeks, there were three big dramas that drove me to the wall. Two days before she was suppose to start work, the husband called and told us that the wife couldn't work anymore because she was to return to her old job. I was literally mad. She told me two days before she was to start work and how was I supposed to look for a new baby sitter in the span of two days? Then all of a sudden, prayers answered. She called a day before she was supposed to start and told us that she could work again. See? Then another drama happened the fourth day of work. She came early in the morning and told me off immediately that she was sorry for she can't continue work because he salary is not enough. What? What did she mean by not enough? I asked my Thai friends and they scolded me for my willingness to pay this lady the amount she asked, and now she wants more?? So I made a deal with her that instead of the amount she wanted, I would give her a thousand baht lesser than the amount she asked for. Then when I get a pay raise, I would also raise her salary. She discussed with her husband and finally agreed to it. Now the last drama... She took off right after she received her half month pay! Grrrrrr...Yet, thank goodness she left. God opened way for another nanny to come in. More about the second nanny in my next post!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Only The Best

Now people often ask me: "How is life being a mom?" And I am always tempted to say "Hundred times better than my pay job!" But I held back and said "Never been better!"

Little Hobb has totally changed my perspective towards life. Last week Hobbit told me that I have changed a lot. It took me by surprise because he seldom tell me things like this. So I asked him how have I changed. While sitting at the picnic benches he said, "before, you used to take everything seriously and would go mad if things don't go your way. But now, you seem to be more laid back and relax." I thought of it for a moment and found it to be true. I actually noticed that I tend to think and do things differently most of the time now, yet it is hard to pinpoint what exactly changed and that a big part of me still refuses to admit those changes, if you know what I mean.

As much as I like to become a stay-at-home wife, I still prefer spending my own hard earned money rather than asking Hobbit to fuel my pocket everyday. But ever since Little Hobb made his grand arrival, there was not a single day that I stop thinking about his growing up life, future and safety. Everyday I feel like I am the BEST person who can nurture him in every aspects of life. Then through the nurturing, his future would at least be guaranteed while I keep him close to me, that he will always be in safe hands...

Is this what people call having a mother's instincts?

After donning my 'mom' crown, I still don't know a lot of things. I get nervous and panic all the time when Little Hobb starts to act 'unusual,' develops new ability and just learned new things. Whereas what I thought were 'abnormal' is actually very normal and nothing to fret about. I start pesting Hobbit to let me quit my job and stay home to look after Little Hobb just because I worry sick that any babysitter would pinch, hit or slap Little Hobb if they can't have patience for his little attitude. I cry whenever my parents or my parents in law jokingly threaten Hobbit and I that they will take Little Hobbit home with them since it is hard for us to find a nanny. I pray the same prayers many times a day just so God won't forget to shield Little Hobb from any harms and danger even when I know He already knows. I immediately jumped out of my seat to get ointment when a mosquito just landed on my baby's face. I find myself wanting so much to take rolls and rolls of adhesive tape just so I could glue Little Hobb on me so I will always be there to fight his fight and win his race.

And I do many other things that I couldn't imagine doing before. Is this even healthy?

Such drastic changes would never make me the BEST mom in the world. But to walk a thousand miles to be the BEST for Little Hobb? I would cross a million ocean and expect nothing in return because I love him!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Agong's Birthday at Malaysian Embassy

After sending little Hobb's grandpa to the airport, we directed our destination to Srinakarin Samitivej for me to get my Hep. B vaccine shot. We wanted so much to go to SML but little Hobb was a little cranky, so we decided to rest at home before we attend a function at the Malaysian Embassy here this evening. 

The agong's birthday at the ME started at 4:30pm with a speech from the ambassador. Then we were serenaded with the national song and a patriotic song by the M'sian kids. Then the best part started. Home food. I was quite happy to see there were lots of variety on the display. 

The highlight of the program was the dances performed by the embassy dancers. I was totally entertained given that I haven't get to enjoy joget in a long long time. Their band wearing their strap locks were very professional. They serenade songs from the 80s and 90s and that exactly made everyone busy on the floor dancing to their favorite oldies! :) 

MI3 with my Students

Since the school year is ending soon, so my homeroom, my substitute and I decided to do something together and that was to watch Man In Black 3 on its first launch in Terminal 21. One of my students in my homeroom is also going back to Denmark and therefore we decided to do something with him.

On Thursday May 24th, I happened to finish subbing at 1pm, just in time for me to get to our embassy in order to collect my son's birth certificate and temporary passport. I thought the traffic would be bad that it was best to take the BTS. Yet when I took a taxi to the BTS, the taxi driver inquire about my destination and therefore advice me to just use him all the way to the embassy. True enough, it only took 10 minutes for him to drive me there. I managed to do my pick-ups and headed towards the BTS to Terminal 21.

I was hungry so I decided to stop by T21's food court. My first time at the food court actually. I was impressed by the food and affordable price. I had my late lunch and headed to the movie theater floor. Met up with my kids and in we went for MI3. Movie was good but didn't impressed me much. After our goodbyes, my super phone died on me. Great. I had to run to a public phone to call Hobbit. Met up with Hobbit, who had to do some voice over work somewhere and went home to our pumpkin! :)


Motherhood - Nothing beats the feeling of being a mother to a child. Yet this big word many a times has drove me crazy and tend to be scary especially when answers to its questions are no where to be found. One thing I know always works...Is to trust its instincts when surroundings and things start to get tough. 

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