Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Those Sleepless Nights

You know exactly what I am talking about! What can I say...It happens with a new baby...People say it will soon be over but when you are at it, 'over' seems to be too far away...

I came home from work and quickly bathe baby and pumped milk before he went to sleep. I took a shower myself, ate dinner and couldn't force my eyelids any longer. At 8:30pm, Hobbit found me sleeping with my devotionals on my chest, next to baby. And I didn't even get to my thanksgiving list!

Then I thought I have slept like a thousand years...But I had to get up for baby's feeding time. Thank you Lord for a faithful roommate with extraordinary ears...He never failed to catch baby awake. After his feed, another endless task-- tucking a full and happy baby to sleep. A much dreaded job for Hobbit and I, only if he kicks and transforms into a cranky little sheep! Eleven-ish...

At two-ish, another lapse of cry spurts out and again the cycle continues. This time with baby's eyes wide open! He finally settled, not four-ish! To me, "it's four already??" One more hour for slumber and work kicked in...Dreams of general liability insurance at lasted only a sec...Darn!

This evening, The above routine starts again...All because of love!

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