Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back to Work

My maternity leave is finally over and I resumed work yesterday. It was like the first day of school. Like many of my first day back to school excitement, I have hard time choosing what to wear! Many a times it was about first impression but this time it is more like how to cover up all those accumulated fats...It is a sad thing that I had to temporarily say goodbye to some of my work clothes but at the same time, they also served as a reminder that I need to get back in shape. Tv wall mounts needed to get the exercise going soon...

I didn't quite understand this motherly instincts at first but when I was about to leave home yesterday, My heart sunk and I almost broke down to tears knowing that I won't see my little baby Hobb for almost a day! Two weeks after the delivery, my parents left and it was just baby Hobb and I most of the time...Now work and reality kicks in, I have no choice but to learn detachment. I hope I pick up fast, otherwise I already have the next option in line!

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