Monday, April 23, 2012

Scorching Heat, Bangkok

Hobb baby has a cousin who was born a few months earlier than him. They almost look similar in looks except that cousin A has thicker eyebrows. Too bad genes from Hobb mommy didn't give him the magical eyes nor eyebrows and eye lashes! Anyway, Hobb baby has been exchanging gifts with cousin A for a month now and what is interesting with their gift exchange is that they give similar things but with different designs and colors. Hobb baby would give cousin A something that cousin A's mom couldn't get in Malaysia and cousin A would give Hobb baby something that we couldn't possibly get here. Nice gift exchange right? So now, Hobb baby's mom has ran out of ideas of what to send to cousin A in favor of Hobb baby. Maybe it's good to surf gift baskets at Hobb baby also need to prepare a gift to a special friend who is going back to his hometown in Cambodia soon. I better get busy!

On the other note, thank you Bangkok for the scorching heat you provide us. That's what you call shelter, eh?? 

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Cookie gifts said...

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