Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Full Moon, Hobb Baby

Today is Hobb baby's full moon birthday aka one month old. Time flies really fast it seemed just yesterday I checked into the hospital to deliver a baby! Hobbit and I have so much to be thankful for. God has been faithful to us and we believe He will continue to be.

Last Friday, Hobb baby's maternal grandparents came to town. They brought many surprises and among them was a baby swing for Hobb baby! He kinda like it but felt 'different' when he first slept in it. I have to move my cpu cart out of the way to accommodate the frame of the swing. Ahh, grandparents...they really 'spoil' their grandchild!

So today, my parents invited the Sabahans here to celebrate Hobb baby's full moon. Dad was the one who did the cooking, mom took care of Hobb baby, Hobbit took care of drinks and I did the shopping! I am so glad that my parents are here to help although we have to throw dice to see who will stay home to look after baby when the rest of us go out. 

Happy Full Moon Hobb Baby!! We love you!!

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