Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Guitar Amps Survey

Two days before baby's 'big day', Hobbit decided to pull out his dusty acoustic guitar and strum a tune or two for his little boy before he comes out saying that it would calm baby down (baby was wiggling all the time) before he comes out. Ummhh, I was unconvinced by the theory and decided that he should just play to practice and gain back his skills. A bit disappointed, he retreated to a corner and strum away a few songs before he came to me and said "lets do a survey on guitar amps...I think I will practice more that way.." Well, I was already thinking of what to give him for his birthday. Now that he suggested something, I might as well do a thorough survey and ask around if anyone knows a place where I can get good guitar amps at a reasonable price. Anyone??

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