Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Cry Baby Today!!

While I was still suffering from an overly baby 'coma', baby Hobb decided to wake us up again and I had no choice but to wake up this morning to his groans. Hobbit obviously bothered less since he had his shift till 3am this morning. I wanted to pull all my hair out while getting up but thinking that we invited this responsibility, I got up and picked baby Hobb up examining his continuous needs. He has been snorting since last week and I hated how the doctor told me that it is normal in newborns. Whenever baby Hobb snorts in his sleep, he would get very irritated and I felt like kicking myself! Blardy snort robbing my baby's goodnight sleep! Oh and his papa and mama's sleep as well!! At once I decided to do the steam and salign drops. It is baby Hobbs no. 1 enemy but hey baby, it's for your own good! Hobbit helped me with the steam, I did the salign drops while baby Hobb woke the whole neighborhood up. Next, I prepared his bath so he would feel fresh and hopefully less cranky. Who knows, he peed right on me while I was shampooing him! Now I had to take my shower to make me less grumpy and eliminate ACH risk! Papa went to work, leaving baby Hobb and I struggling with our own give and takes in this hot hot weather! He is obviously too much a cry baby, as of today. Urgh!

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