Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pregnancy Pros and Cons

Wait a minute, I think I seldom discuss about my current pregnancy in this blog. Since it's almost over, I better get my fingers jotting down what I like and dislike about this one because probably it won't happen again in a long, long time! Or would it?? That would depend on my next dreaded step, which will also be the climax of my roller coaster nine months wait. Oh dear...

I am so glad that my pregnancy has been mostly uneventful. Okay, so lets get down to the point...

Pros (What I like about being pregnant): 
1. No unreasonable cravings
2. No morning sickness
3. No emotional outbursts
4. No mestrual cramps and no period...Yippeee 9 months~~
5. No unexplainable pain
6. More attention from my roommate
7. License to eat like there's no tomorrow
8. Smooth skin, beautiful hair texture (gotta luv my preggo hormones!!)
9. No darkening of the skin despite of what others predicted
10. Steady weight gain
11. Surprisingly no stretch marks (yet)!
12. ...And the many good tides ever since!

Cons (What I dislike of it): 
1. Horrible horrible backache
2. Breathless especially towards the last tri.
3. Cramps every now and then (thank goodness for calcium soda!)
4. Severe dyspepsia (do not wish for this ladies!)
5. Sleep deprivation (this will not end here...)
6. Nose bleeds. Good it stopped at 2nd tri.
7. Sweet, sweet tooth! My asam tooth left me..Boo!
8. Getting the right sleep position
9. Premature contractions
10. No looking at prom dress sale...bleh..
10. The wait

Let me reiterate ~~ Gotta love my pregnancy hormones! <3

With all the potpourris I've shoveled into my life jar, this will be one of the biggest highlights of all the colorful petals so far...God is good!


kayln roberts said...

You're lucky you didn't get to experience morning sickness like the other pregnant mothers I know. Even evading sudden pains here and there is quite the nice experience you've been having. Then I hope the pros of your pregnancy will multiply.

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