Monday, March 19, 2012

Pregnancy Monitoring Machine, Ahoy!

Heart & Contraction Monitoring Machine
I had to befriend with this machine since my 32nd gestational week. At first I felt weird to not know how to read the readings on the screen and paper but now I think the machine and I have managed to get acquainted just enough to 'know' each other every week we meet. It showed me here that the 145 figure is the baby's heart rate and the reading 6 is the measure of contraction I was having at that time. These numbers changed rapidly according to the baby's movement and my contraction. Machine and I usually get to bond for 30 minutes while I enjoy watching some telly at the same time. There were times I wished I have this at home so I could monitor my contractions on my own. Only yesterday alone I had two big contractions and was lying on bed to sooth it off. My left toe added to all the pain I was feeling. Thanks to kicking a rectangular planter while I was out shopping yesterday! Just so glad that soon I will be saying goodbye to all the silly contractions and welcome a new birth pain sensation! Good luck on that Hobbit wife!


daronloo said...

I need to visit you and Roy!!!

Hobbit Wife said...

Come come!

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