Friday, March 2, 2012

Packing Hospital Labor Bag

I am bad at doing my packing on time but for the sake of grab-and-go advice I get from other mommies, I have no choice but to make early preparations. So, how many bags should I bring again? I have chosen to only take one for convenient sake! Some say I should pack my bag, hubby's bag (goodness!!) and baby's bag. Hello?? You think I will be lying in the hospital bed for a month? Two or three days to the max lah babe! So, the minimalist in me spoke and viola, my one big shoulder bag should be sufficient for me, Hobbit and baby. I believe I don't need my wardrobe and vanity table when pain and exhaustion take over...Yet, I do need a hair brush!! Yes, I can't go without hair brush!! Even now I keep telling Hobbit that I look like a broom ready to sweep on any top shelves...*sigh* What ever happens during that time, be it my disposable breast pad is left behind or that toothbrush to freshen my breath...I cannot, cannot go without my canon cameras! I'll make sure to strap my S95 while I am furiously pushing...That if I don't crush it!! ^_^

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