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Baby Shower March 3, 2012

It is funny to say that I am busy with so many things but to really look at the things I am capable of doing now, they are really nothing IF I am CAPABLE. Perhaps, I just don't know what to call what I am currently involve with. Lets just say...I am doing "so many things." Ahh...Thought of an accurate word...I am actually nesting (a term given for preggers who do a lot of things just before they go into labor). 

I need to blog about A&R's baby shower which took place 3 weeks ago. Hazel beats me to it and because she did, I have been putting this off since. Thanks for the mention Hazel! 

Although I have thanked those involved in our baby shower, I want to thank them again in this post. :) The person who was strongly behind this event is my dear friend, Dollie. What would I do without her?? Lately she has been my personal assistant/liason/financer at school and impromptu what-not! Ask me how would I ever thank her enough? I really don't know how because she likes doing nice things for everyone around her. And...While busy typing this post (and chatting in FB at the same time), she copied and pasted messages of comfort from all our dear friends -- my praying warriors!! There is just nothing she can't do! Hmmmph! :) 
Friends working behind the scene..:)
To make a long story short, what Hobbit and I enjoyed the most was the company of close friends. Their laughter and coziness beats everything! Then comes the array of food prepared by the generous bunch! If only I can put aside my 'balloon' for a moment to enjoy the yummilicious food, I will do so. Did you see the cake? Cutest carrot cake made by Terra! Wish I can mention what were on the food table that day!
This cake was sinfully delicious and cute! Thanks Terra!
Food food food
Then came games and fun. One of the games  was getting each one blow a balloon and hide them under their shirt. While the balloon is there, they had to try bend down and try tying a string/ribbon as if they are tying their shoe laces. I thought, hmmm...I just tried that last night! Well, the night before, I did try to cut my own toe nails and my foot was it easy!!! I tried all the pretzel styles I used to do when I was flexible but no 'pretzel' took place at all! Very well I had to ask Hobbit, who has phobia cutting my nails because he accidentally snipped my skin once, to do it for me. He, with his trembling fingers slowly...and too slowly that I got so impatient...'trimmed' my nails. Err..They were only slightly trimmed that I had to do it forcefully in secret while he was at work the next day...So there! Not easy if you have a real balloon with you! Nope, I don't do pedi nor meni...
I love this pose Schubert!!

Baby, you have a whole bunch of people to 'wai' to...
Game was over, we headed on to opening baby's presents -- From nursing scrubs to diapers and tub! Lucky I did the tearing and opening..If it's baby, I bet he'll be screaming in excitement and show off like crazy! :) Thank you uncle and aunties! You guys are the best!!! Hobbit wanted to instill early manners that he came home telling baby over and over to "say thank you to your uncle and aunties okay...look at all your presents..." that I thought boy...slow down daddy....mommy will do the thanking...give baby a break... Nevertheless, it is true that both of us are grateful for all the showers of gifts from those who gave. Thank you!!
Each of them are a blessing (including you, photographer!)
Thanks for the pictures too, Carlos!

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Hazel said...

Hahaha! Guess I did beat you to it :) Take care Mommy. I will be praying for you especially for this Thursday.

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