Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To Grief for One or the Millions?

"So what if she died?" I know many will hate me if I orally say that or who knows many would even agree to "hey, people die of hunger and diseases so what's the big deal?" Maybe the question to ask in respond to the above image is "What is wrong with this world?"

I was on my yoga apparel, busy with school work last Sunday when Hobbit all of a sudden shocked me with his loud "huhhhhhh????" I was worried and thought he read of something from home on FB but apparently he was on the news. "Whitney Houston died!!" Phew... Yet to know that Whitney had passed on did make me sad. I grew up with her music and had very much admired her phenomenal voice! To quote our friend Reynold, he said "Good music died in the 90s..." Hell yes! Of course we still have Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Adele to name a few...But their concepts are no longer the same. Everyone wants to catch up to the latest kaboom because only by doing so, their banks and popularity would remain. 

So back to my main point, I do grieve for Houston but I dislike the kind of life she led herself into that partially contributed to her short life. Well, we never know why a person choose to live the way he/she live until we are in his/her shoes.  Therefore, RIP Whitney Houston. Hope we don't just sing to your song The Greatest Love of All but to live it like how you have sung the message across to many!

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