Sunday, February 5, 2012

Homemade Char Kuey Teow

After we moved to our new place, our Saturday night dinner venue moved too! We have been a frequent at the famous cheap eatery, Sukhumvit Soi 38. We never miss our pa tong kor (char kueh) and soy milk, swapping between khra pao gai and the Thai version of char kuey teow, and of course now and then trying new dishes. 
Yesterday night however, we decided to just pack and take away our favorite pa tong kor and cook char kuey teow, the Malaysian style, at home. Since we had all the ingredients already, I decided to 'char' or fry in my own style with an electric stove instead of a fiery wok! Guess what, it turned out quite 'char' (at least we got a bit of the burning taste from the sucky stove) and we enjoyed it immensely with our newest addiction, the sriracha sauce! I never knew it was such an easy fix and fast too! Hobbit almost gobbled the whole plate of it! There! I'll definitely prepare this again, especially now that I can't go out as I wish anymore! 

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