Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Homemade Ang Ku Kueh

I have been craving for something made of glutinous rice flour and I suddenly thought of my all time favorite kuih at the tamu (market) back home...ang ku kueh! So I dragged my lazy bum-bum and heavy penguin feet to knead the a pink dough and stuff in some red bean paste in it until everything is ready for steaming.

A bit of a background for those of you who aren't familiar with ang ku kueh, we Chinese and even half of my other blood, the Kadazan-dusun, love to devour this type of kueh (cake). Derived from a Hokkien dialect, Ang means red, Ku means tortoise and kueh simply means cake. So basically ang ku kueh represent a long living life to the Chinese since tortoise is considered a long living animal to them. This cake is served in many special occasions such as birthdays, New Year, etc. For me, I simply buy and eat them whenever I want since I love the taste. The fillings come in different varieties. Sometimes you find them with crushed peanuts and sugar, sometimes red mueng beans paste and sometimes coconut with caramelized sugar. 

Since this is my first attempt in making them here in Bangkok, I replace the supposed-to-be banana leaf base to simply using a kitchen foil. So here is my simple ang ku kueh! Made about 20 pieces in 30 mins. while listening to someone on his online floral arrangements! It's that simple! :) 
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