Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dreams for kawai Digital Pianos

Moons ago I remembered my good friend Kartini and I begged for our moms to get us Kawai digital pianos so we would be extra diligent in  practicing our lesson pieces. That time, our moms happened to be good friends (that explains why we go to the same piano school) and always wanted us to do things together while they spent their time chit-chatting and shop away while we got busy on tuition and music classes.

After several years begging (and forgetting what Kartini and I asked for), Kartini finally got what she asked for during her 20th birthday -- a spanking Kawai digital piano while I got a simple (well playable) three octave Yamaha keyboard for my 16th birthday! When she told of what seemed to me a distant wish, I visited her home one day and laid my fingers on her own first Kawai. Believe it or not, although the digital piano was a hundred times better compared to my three octave Yamaha, and everything seemed to be almost perfect, I didn't have the slightest envy for her having what we both had wanted so badly before! I was actually thankful that my mom only bought a simple keyboard, in which I practiced most of my exam pieces on and still managed  to pass (Kartini passed all her piano exams too). 

After a two years of abusing my keyboard to the max, I left for college and my sister didn't picked up piano until she was a teenager. So long story short, the keyboard was left unattended, unless my mom dust it and play hymnals once in a while and the last time I went home to check on it, several keys aren't working anymore. As for Kartini, she left for college several months after she got her Kawai digital piano. No one besides her in her family plays the piano, so the piano was left sitting in their living room unattended unless Kartini spent her holidays at home. Latest I heard, her mom decided to sell it to one of her cousins due to space. So much for wanting something but can't really use it to the fullest. One big lesson I learned and has helped me a lot with my shopping these days! :)


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