Sunday, February 5, 2012

Basket Weave Baby Blankie

the edge is still crooked a bit but doesn't matter! :)

The blankie has 28 single crochet to start with and 26 rows vertical/horizontal
Hiatus in between the two weeks I brood on purple and cream colored yarns, I finally managed complete a basket weave baby blankie! Crocheting seems easy -- you move both arms in a sitting position and play on those cute fingers, comes a finish product. Yet, for a petite person with a big belly like me, it did post some challenges when I was on it. Difficulty breathing while actively swinging my arms and raising my feet up on a stool was one. Adjusting to get a good butt rest and a spine rest was also a challenge. Basically, I was having quite a hard time doing my 'relaxing' hobby but still, better than doing nothing! So this blankie would probably be my last one until the special someone comes along and to mention a next blankie, who knows when I will start one again...Yet I'm praying to have time for all my 'messy hobbies' as Hobbit puts it. Now where should I place the bead bracelet??

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