Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Dragon Has It All

Attempting my first post this year. Happy New Year 2012 everyone. It's the year of the DRAGON! Beware of those who were born and will be born in the dragon year because it is their time to shine and grind! So far, I have three precious 'dragons' that I love to death and good news is one is on its way!! So who always come to my rescue when I am in trouble? The dragons in the family of course! They say, those who are born in the year of the dragons will have no problems living in the same roof with the monkeys. So I am considered lucky! :) Anyway, I tend to talk about zodiac here, doesn't mean I believe in it. Lets just say my Chinese blood is brooding right now...

So Hobbit and I moved to a new place. Still taking time to let this new surroundings and home to sink in but as a caring friend puts it, sometimes what is less feels more. This new place has less space compared to the previous one but what we like about it is the distance to our work place, the same utilities charge as our old building and good location. Funny thing is, I dislike cooking here. I rather fix a quick-to-go food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I even mentioned to friends that they should come over and cook for me since I am closer now. Anyone wants to volunteer as Food Preparation Worker - Manager Jobs? As for pay, well, you can eat what you cook for me too! :) 
Back to school in few more days. I should get my work done or else I will be working like a dog again night and day!

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