Thursday, January 12, 2012

Big Papers = Big Pandas

Exhaustion totally led our life this week!! 

My aunt and her friend decided that I would be the perfect person to destroy edit their final papers for their Masters studies this week. Since this wasn't my first time editing my aunt's paper, I simply, without doing any intelligent thinking, nodded in agreement! I thought, big deal, 30 pages or so...kacang saja!

Kacang my *toot*

When my aunt told me about it, she said I have one week to work on her paper and her friend's paper would not take up too much time. 

So I received my aunt's paper last Saturday night and her friends paper, on Monday morning. So I thought, one week...Oh ya sure ONE Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! 

All of a sudden, my aunt sent me a note saying that she needed to bind her papers and show it to her lecturer by Thursday and that the papers have to be in their hands on Wednesday. Now now now, I don't just sit back and check papers. With back-to-school work, house work, breathless work, leg-cramps-middle-of-the-night work, you name it...I couldn't possibly finish checking badly written papers in one sitting...Yeah, sorry to say BAD but the papers were really that bad! Nil editing done before handing it to me. All the information and data collected was just dumped into the paper, no signs of deep thought before writing, no signs of intelligent, not to mention a few research findings were written in Malay expected to be translated...Basically...I totally had no idea what kind of papers they were writing! 

Long story short, Hobbit and I had to sacrifice two consecutive nights just to work on those papers and just because I said a big fat YES or did I say kacangggggggggggggg??!! Com'on...Before someone edit your final draft, spend some time to edit on your own first...Not just dump it to another person to do the tough editing! Haiyoh...

We were finally done yesterday, Wednesday. Everything felt so good after, especially the shut eye part! Today, Hobbit and I started to pick up our rhythm again. Aunt kept saying the I love you a million times. Her friend kept thanking me not knowing under what circumstances I had to go through to get her papers done...Honestly, even though I complain aloud, it was a learning experience too! I got to learn a lot about customer's service and career development while reading and re-searching to make the papers work. Even though my aunt promised me circuit city coupons when Hobbit and I get home, I wouldn't care less...But, what the heck..sounds good to me!! I would say, I will do it all over again...without my "big, protruding ball" when that time comes around. :)

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