Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gibson Les Paul Studio

Giving gibson les paul studio at Musician's Friend a mention. They have big sales going on for the festive season right now. I really like the looks of this Gibson Les Paul Studio '70s Tribute Electric Guitar.I thought my infatuation with the color red is over but can't help spotting them first while browsing. 

We finally managed to move our digital piano by ourselves without any scratches...Err, not exactly without any but minimal scratches. The last time we got a mover to take it, the surface got scratched big time and I almost cried. Friends have been asking me to sell it and get a new one but I do still love it and want to keep it until my feelings for it dies off haha!

Learning to Give Little Feathers

I now understand why my parents were very protective of me while I was growing up. Hobbit reminded me of why my parents did what they did to me when I was growing up too in the sense of social freedom. 

Letting Little Hobb go to a birthday party with my friends seemed to not be a problem for me at first. Yet right before handing him to one of his aunties, all of a sudden I felt like my happiness is being robbed. It's a strange feeling if you have never experienced it before. You suddenly have a great urge to protect, if not to keep your 'precious one' with you as close and as long as possible. Then I realized, my possessive 'ilness' should not be entertained too much or else my child will be robbed from a lot of social happiness as he grows up! 

I know how it feels like because I have very protective parents that I was always kept at home while my friends were having a lot of 'life' out there. I am not saying what my parents did to me was robbing my childhood or tween-hood but it is more of what I became like. I became a person who dislike going to social events, dislike being around people and what's worse, became a rebel. Because I dislike being the anti-social me, I argued with my parents to send me to a boarding school so I could become a 'better social person.' Right, I had it all 'figured' out until I made a big mess in Form 2 (Grade 8) due to my freedom explosions. Therefore, I was sent home. Back to square one with the word "grounded" hanging on my neck. Friend's birthday, mom's there. School field trips, parents tailed from behind the bus...

Actually, these memories just makes me chuckle...hee!

So there, you get it. I don't want to tail on my son wherever he goes. I need to learn, at this early stage, even at 8 months old, to let him fly a little. One day, my little gift of feathers will slowly help him a lot, especially once he learns how to fly by himself.

So last Monday was Constitution Day. No work. Hobbit, the nanny and I decided to do a lot of moving to our new little pad. The girls were having some birthday celebration at Christine's cozy home. So auntie Dollie decided to relief us and took Little Hobb for the day. Little Hobb had a lot of fun! He came back to us a happy and cheerful boy like he always is. He is blessed to have all his aunties and uncles love him to bits! Thank you guys.

Here are some pictures I got from his aunties' facebook galleries: 
With auntie Christine

With auntie Rachel

With auntie S and aunty Lily

With uncle Chyu

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mozart Is Him

It has been a challenge lately to put little Hobb to sleep at night. We thought sleepless nights were over but just last week, Hobbit and I found out that there is a tendency for baby to wake up frequently at night when they are in the process of teething. Why didn't nobody tells us that?? Basically what baby Hobb did so far in the middle of the night is pop head up, look left and right with eyes closed, rub face and starts to cry. We had to take time to soothe and rock him back to sleep. Then a few hours later, he would repeat the waking up process again. 

What I found to be working is going back to his Mozart music. Believe it or not, he has always succumb to Mozart's music when it comes to sleeping. I guess he was well-trained since belly-hood. So what Hobbit and I did was we let Mozart put us to sleep every night and the frequency of little Hobb waking up had been miraculously lessen and sometimes to none. Since Hobbit is learning his roland spd sx from guitar center, he also contributed to some music at home now.  Parenthood has been much easier with Mozart around the house as well. For instance, little Hobb is much more calmer given that he can be quite a handful at times. The growing up process they say-- reaching out endlessly, rolling and crawling, chasing everything else while on his buggy seat...Whew!!

Alpha Lipid S II, yay or nay?

Please forgive me for ranting here. 
Don't get me wrong, I am all for good health and long life. Any consumer products that promotes these two things is a yay for me given they promote not to slowly rip us off our pockets but helps us on that part of the burden as well. I know some products have to be expensive because of how it is researched and made but I just can't take brutal advertising sprinkled with extra hype on the top!
It says: Secret. Diet without going hungry.

I am in the level of annoyance right now because many of the business-minded sellers in Facebook simply tagged me in all of their "said-to-be-good" products and one of the product is Alpha Lipid SII. Yes, there are many proofs on the photos (before-after pictures) of those who have successfully lose weight but...I don't simply buy into a product that promises something extra fast! Come on, if you do a close research and study on the product, the focus is on a planned diet and the diet program the company is using is mainly based on the well-known Atkin's diet. So basically you can lose weight by following the diet plan WITHOUT consuming the product. I've read the nutritional values on this product and yes, you may take it as a supplement but not to lose weight FAST. Losing weight has to be a process. Otherwise, the faster you lose, the faster you gain. So think about your health goals before splurging. It is a good product but I am still not willing to spend  hundreds of RM or BAHT in a month just to have fast result which will soon or later destroy my own health. I read somewhere that every body works in different ways. So how can this one product claim to be suitable for everybody? Nah, nay for now.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Yesterday we celebrated Thanks giving with my school family. It was also Little Hobb's first Thanksgiving dinner. He had his pumpkin puree dinner while we all had pieces of turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, sauces, salads and all the classic stuff that we used to have every thanksgiving.
With his beautiful aunty Dollie!
When we came home, our neighbour was celebrating with friends too! I personally don't mind him with his celebration but it became annoying as the cloc ticked by. His pad sounded like a full ochestra from our place and I wonder if he got the Fender Blacktop at Musicians friend. Just so you know, this neighbour is married to his guitars and amplifiers! He sounded good when jammin' alone but with a bus full of other wannabe musicians? Why don't they just get a club?!

Same but Different

I recently read of a couple, both are half-African and half-American, gave birth to twin girls with one looking completely an African and the other one completely an American. According to genetic doctors, this can happen twice within a million! This is unique because the two girls are totally different in skin color.
I don't mind having a twin with one being totally Kadazan-dusun and the other one being totally Chinese! I bet we have to do maternal and paternity test from to really make sure of the probability....Or, just let nature do the unique job, if God's willing.

Friday, November 2, 2012

The "Last Speech" by the late Randy Pausch

I thought I could catch up with some work but...

This "Last Speech" by the late Randy Pausch glued me to my chair.

A good one.


My Left Wrist Needs A Doctor

I got a wake up call today to fix my left wrist or else I would suffer from my carelessness. 

I have been suffering from a really bad wrist muscle injury that I could hardly move my left thumb, what more bend it. It happened ever since little Hobb came to town and I have been ignoring the pain. Slowly it became severe and now it's totally like crap! I can't use it to do anything EXCEPT....carry little Hobb! It's funny how I don't feel the pain when I am carrying him. It's always like he takes the pain away for a little while and puts it back again when I put him down. He is about 7.5kg now. Yet, when I carry a thing like a stack of paper (not even measured to a novel), my wrist simply went dead! When my dad visited last month, he took slices of ginger and gently rubbed it back and forth on the where the pain is and it helped quite a bit. He told me to watch out for the intensity of the pain. I told him that I rather get it accupunctured (if there's such a word) than to get it healed by medication intake. Someone suggested me pepper spray. I wonder if they work! To think I can stretch for an octave on the piano....It was just impossible! So, to really get me fixing my wrist, my friend Moi had made a pack to ask me of my wrist's situation the next week we see each other in school. How nice of her!

The Cab - Living Louder

I love the meaning of this song. All the misery in life reminds me that life is short and we need to be thankful everyday for what we have and who we are in the sight of our Lord.

Woot! Love On Top!!

It's Friday yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

This song just made me dance and it is still doing the loop in my classroom speakers! My students are having lab today. Work, work, work and then home to my baby Hobb!!

Sabbath Shalom!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Moss Decorations

Of late, I have this craze looking at decorative moss. Thanks to Pinterest, everything to look for are there! Whenever I found myself some free time, I would click on Pinterest and look at how people utilize moss in beautiful ways! Why in the world do I have this craze, you may ask? Well, first of all, it started when I stayed at one particular hotel and was looking around while waiting for a friend to get ready. As I was sitting alone in the cafe of that hotel, I began noticing the lobby walls decorated with mosses! And while I was marveled by the beauty of the moss-decorated wall, all of a sudden I thought, hey... Moss can be somewhere else! Like on the dining table, holding up hot cuppa coffee, or it could go with an opened treasure box filled with jewelry...Ahh! Those enlightening moments! So here, I see if my ideas were made into reality by somebody else....True enough! The pictures proved so! Beautiful aren't they? :)

Image source:
Image source:

Brilliant Message By the Late Dr. Richard Teo

Just so I won't forget, I am posting his message which I got from this link.

Recorded at the Dental Christian Fellowship , on 24 Nov 2011, 8 months after his diagnosis.

Richard would have liked to share this with you. We are doing this to continue his work.

Please have a read and leave it behind for someone else to benefit from his sharing.

If you would like a copy, please let any of his family or close friends know and we will be able to provide both the audio recording as well as the transcript.

Thank you, and may God bless you richly.

Below is the transcript of the talk of Dr. Richard Teo, who was a 40-year-old millionaire and cosmetic surgeon with a stage-4 lung cancer, sharing at a Dental Christian Fellowship Meeting. He would have liked to share this with you too.


Hi good morning to all of you. My voice is a bit hoarse from the chemotherapy, so please bear with me. I thought I'll just introduce myself. My name is Richard, I’m a friend of Danny’s, who invited me here.

I’d just begin to say that I’m a typical product of today’s society. Before this, I was talking about how the media influences us etc. So I’m a typical product of what the media portrays. From young, I’ve always been under the influence and impression that to be happy, is to be successful. And to be successful, is to be wealthy. So I led my life according to this motto.

Coming from a poor average family, back in those days, I was highly competitive, whether in sports, studies, leadership. I wanted it all. I’ve been there, done that. But at the end of the day, it’s still about money.

So in my recent last years, I was a trainee in ophthalmology, but I was getting impatient, cos I had friends of mine who were going out into private practise, making tonnes of money. And there I was, stuck in a traineeship. So I said, ‘Enough, it’s getting too long.’ At that time, there was a surge in protégés of aesthetic medicine. I’m sure you’re aware, aesthetic medicine had peaked over the last few years, and I saw good money in there. So much so that I said, ‘Forget about ophthalmology, I’m gonna do aesthetic medicine.’ So that’s what I did.

The truth is, nobody makes heroes out of the average GP in the neighbourhood. They don't. They make heroes out of rich celebrities, politicians, rich and famous people. So I wanted to be one of these. I dived straight into aesthetic medicine. People were not willing to pay when I was doing locum back in those days. Anything more than $30, they would complain that “Wah, this lo kun (doctor) jing qwee (very expensive)”. They made noise and they were not happy. But the same people were willing to pay $10 000 for a liposuction. So I said, ‘Well, let’s stop healing the sick, I’m gonna become a beautician; a medically-trained beautician.’

And that was what I did – liposuction, breast augmentation, eyelid surgeries, you name it, we do it. It was very good money. My clinic, when we started off, waiting time was 1 week; 1 month; became 2 months; became 3 months. There was so much demand that people were literally queuing up to have aesthetic work done on them. Vain women – easy life!

So the clinic grew. I was so overwhelmed, from 1 doctor, I employed 2, then 3, then 4 doctors, and carried on. Nothing is ever enough. I wanted more and more and more. So much so that we set up shop in Indonesia to lure all the Indonesian tai tai’s. We set up shop, set up a team of people there, to get more Indonesian patients to come in.

So, things were doing well. I’m there, my time has arrived.

Around some time in February last year, I said, ‘OK, I have so much spare cash, it’s time to get my first Ferrari. So there I was, getting ready for the deposit. ‘OK! There comes my first Ferrari!’ I was looking for land, to share with some of my friends. I have a banker friend who makes $5 million a year. So I thought, ‘Come, let’s come together. Let’s buy some land and build our houses.’

I was at my prime, getting ready to enjoy. At the same time, my friend Danny had a revival. They were going back to church, some of my close friends. They told me, ‘Richard, come, join us, come back to church.’

I have been a Christian for 20 years; I was baptised 20 years ago, but it was because it was fashionable to be a Christian then. All my friends were becoming Christians then. It was fashionable! I wanted to be baptised, so that when I filled in a form, I could put there “Christian” – feels good. In truth, I had never had a bible; I don’t know what the bible is all about.

I went to church for a while, after some time, I got tired. I said it’s time to go to NUS, stop going to church. I had a lot more things to pursue in NUS – girls, studies, sports etc. After all, I had achieved all these things without God today, so who needs God? I myself can achieve anything I want.

In my arrogance, I told them, “You know what? You go tell your pastor to change your sermon to 2pm. I will consider coming to church.” Such arrogance! And I said 1 statement in addition to that – till date, I don’t know I’ve regretted saying that – I told Danny and my friends, “If God really wanted me to come back to church, He will give me a sign.”. Lo and behold, 3 weeks later, I was back at church.


In March 2011, out of the blues – I was still running around, ‘cause I’m a gym freak and I always go to the gym training, running, swimming 6 days a week. I had some backache, and that’s all I had, but it was persistent. And so I went for an MRI to exclude prolapsed disc. And the day before I had my scan, I was still in the gym, lifting heavy weights, doing my squats. And the next day, they found that half my spine had bone marrow replacement. I said, “Woah, sorry, what’s that?”

We had a PET scan the next day, and they diagnosed that I had terminal lung cancer, stage 4B. It had spread to the brain, half the spine, whole of my lungs were filled with tumour, liver, adrenals…

I said, “Can’t be, I was just at the gym last night, what’s going on?” I’m sure you know how it feels – though I’m not sure if you know how it feels. One moment I was there at the peak, the next day, this news came and I was totally devastated. My whole world just turned upside down.

I couldn’t accept it. I have a hundred relatives on both sides, my mom and my dad. 100 of them. And not a single one has cancer. To me, in my mind, I have good genes, I’m not supposed to be having this! Some of my relatives are heavy chain smokers. Why am I having lung cancer? I was in denial.


So the next day, I was still in a state of denial, still unable to accept what was going on. There I was lying in an operating theatre in a hospital, for a needle biopsy (for histology). There I was, just completed the biopsy, and lying in the operating theatre. The nurses and doctors had left; told me I had to wait for 15 minutes to do a check X-ray to make sure there’s no pneumothorax (a complication).

And there I was, lying on the operating table, staring blankly at the ceiling in a cold, quiet operating theatre. Suddenly I just heard an inner voice; it was not like coming from outside. It was inside. This small inner voice that I had never felt before. And it said very specifically, it said, “This has to happen to you, at your prime, because it’s the only way you can understand.”

I said, “Woah, why did that come from?” You know, when you speak to yourself, you’d say, “OK, what time should I leave this place? Where shall I have dinner after this?” You’d speak from a first person point of view. You don’t say, “Where should YOU go after this?” Whereas the voice that came spoke as a third party. It said, “This has to happen to YOU, at YOUR prime, because this is the only way YOU can understand.” At that time, my emotions just overflowed and I broke down and cried, alone there. And I knew then, subsequently, what it means to understand that why this is the only way.

Because I had been so proud of myself, my whole life, I needed nobody else. I was gifted with things that I could do, why do I need anybody else? I was just so full of myself that there was no other way I could have turned back to God.

In fact, if I were diagnosed with stage 1 or 2, I would have been looking around busily for the best cardiothoracic surgeon, remove a section of the lobe (do a lobectomy), do preventive chemotherapy…The chances of it being cured is extremely high. Who needs God? But I had stage 4B. No man can help, only God can.

A series of events happened after that. I wasn’t sold after that, because of the inner voice, I became believing, prayers, all that. No I wasn’t. To me, it was just ‘maybe there was a voice; or maybe that was just me talking to myself.’ I didn’t buy the story.

What happened next was that I was being prepared for chemotherapy. I started off with a whole brain radiation therapy first; takes about 2 -3 weeks. In the meantime they prepared me for chemotherapy, supplements etc. One of the things they used for chemo was a thing called Zometa. Zometa - they use it to strengthen the bones; once the bone marrow (replacement) is cured of cancer cells, it becomes hollow, so we need Zometa to strengthen the bone to prevent compression fractures.

One of the side effects of Zometa is that it can cause osteonecrosis (bone death) of the jaw, and I had to have my wisdom teeth removed. Years ago, I had my upper wisdom teeth removed, cos it was giving me trouble. The lower ones didn’t give me trouble so I said, “Forget it, just leave it.” So of cause, Danny volunteered to remove it for me.

So there I was, lying there in a dental chair, asking myself, suffering all the side effects of radiotherapy, and now I have to go through wisdom tooth surgery. As if I’ve not had enough to suffer! So I asked Danny, “Eh, bro, is there any other way? Can I not go though this?” He said, “Yes, you can pray.”

I said, “What’s there to lose? Ok lah, pray lah!” And so we prayed. And we did an X-ray after that. Everything was all there, all the appliances and everything. And lo and behold, the Xray showed that there was no wisdom teeth in the lower jaw. I know most people have 4 wisdom teeth, maybe some have none, but to be missing one or 2, as I understand – I’m not too sure, as I understand – is not that common.

Still I was, “Nah, I don’t care about that.” To me, as long as I didn’t have to take out the tooth, I was happy. At that point, I still wasn’t sold on prayers. Maybe it was just a coincidence – for whatever it’s worth.

I continued meeting my oncologist, asking him, “How long do I have?” I asked him. He said, not more than 6 months. I said, “Even with chemotherapy?” About 3 – 4 months, he said.

I couldn’t grasp that. It was difficult to come to terms. And even as I went through radiotherapy, I was struggling everyday, especially when I wake up, hoping that it’s just a nightmare; when I wake up, it’s all over.

As I was struggling, day after day, I went into depression, which is the typical denial, depression blah blah blah that you go through. But for 1 reason, I don’t know why, there was this specific day that I was supposed to meet my oncologist. At about 2pm, I felt this sudden surge of peace, comfort, and in fact, a little happiness. It was just overflowing. For no rhyme or reason, it just came about 2pm, as I was getting ready, dressing up to meet my oncologist. So much so that I whats-apped all my friends that, “Bros, I just feel so good suddenly! I don’t know why, it just came!”

And it was only days, or was it weeks after, that Danny revealed to me that he had fasted for 2 days for me, and he was bargaining with God, and fasted for 2 dyas, and he ended his fast at that exact same point, about 2pm thereabouts, that this surge of sensation came to me for no rhyme or reason. And I didn’t know that he was fasting for me. And when he ended the fast, I felt that sensation!

Whoa, things were getting a bit too coincidental. I was starting to buy a bit of the story, but still I wasn’t sold. As days passed by, I completed my radiotherapy, about 2 weeks plus. Getting ready for chemo, so they let me rest for a few days.

See, the mortality rate of lung cancer : Lung cancer has the highest mortality rate. If you add up breast, colorectal (colon) cancer, and prostate cancer (the top few cancers in Singapore for men and women), if you add up the mortality rate of these 3, it still doesn’t add up to lung cancer. Simply because, you understand, you can remove the prostate, the colon, the breast, but you cannot remove your lungs.

But there’s about 10% of lung cancer patients who do pretty well for some reasons, because they have this specific mutation; we call it the EGFR mutation. And it happens, only 90% of the time, in Asian ladies who never smoked in their lives. Me, first of all, I’m male. 2ndly, I’m a social smoker. I take one a day after dinner; weekends, when my friends offer me, I take it as well. I’m a light smoker, not a social smoker. But still, my oncologist was still not hopeful for me to have this mutation.

The chances of it happening for me was maybe 3-4% for me to get it. That’s why I was being primed to go for chemo. But through all the intense prayers, friends like Danny, people that I don’t even know, it turned out that, during my waiting for chemo, the results came back that I was EGFR positive. I was like, “Woah, good news!” Cos now I don’t have to undergo chemo at that time, because there’s this oral tablet that you can use to control this disease.

Just to share with you some idea – this is a CT scan – thorax – of my lungs, before treatment.


Every single dot there is a tumour. You can see all the mets (metastasis) there. This is just one single plane. Literally I had it in both lungs, and I had literally tens of thousands of tumour. That’s why the oncologist told me, even with chemo, at most 3-4 months.

But because of this mutation, they have this oral medication. This is what happened after 2 months of treatment. As you can see over here; this is what God can do. And that’s why I’m still here having this opportunity to share with you. As you can see over here, the difference between before and after treatment.

At that point, I said, “Well, it’s to be expected, isn’t it? The medicine is good.” I’m still not buying the story. Well, the guys prayed for me and the tumour markers started to come down. 90% of the tumours were wiped out, and the tumour markers came down to more than 90% over the next few months.

But still, you know, once you have the clinical knowledge, you know the statistics. One year survival, two year survival; having all this knowledge is not a good thing. Cos you live with the knowledge that even with all this, the cancer cells are so unstable, they keep mutating. They will overcome and become resistant to the drugs, and eventually you’re gonna run out of medication.

So living with this knowledge is a huge mental struggle, a huge mental torture. Cancer is not just about a physical struggle, it’s a huge mental torture. How do you live with no hope? How do you live with not being able to plan for the next few years? The oncologist tells you to bear with it for the next 1 – 2 months. So it’s a lot of struggles as I went through: March, then April. April was my lowest point, in deep depression, struggling even as I was recovering.


And one of those days, I was there in bed, struggling in the afternoon, asking God, “Why? Why do I have to go through this suffering? Why do I have to endure this hardship, this struggle? Why me?”

As I fell asleep, in my dreamy state, a vision just came, that says Hebrews 12:7-8.

Now mind you, at this time, I had not read the bible. I have no clue what’s Hebrews, I don’t even know how many chapters there are. Totally clueless.

But it says Hebrews 12:7-8, very specifically.

I didn’t think too much of it. I just continued sleeping. Then I woke up, and I said, “What’s there to lose? I’d just check it out lah!” Danny had bought me a bible; it’s still quite new. I said, “It’s ok, just try.” So I flipped to the Old Testament. Hebrews to me sounds like something ancient, so it should be in the Old Testament right? So I flipped through the Old Testament. No Hebrews there. I was so disappointed.

Then I said, “Maybe New Testament, let’s have a look!”. WOW – New Testament, there’s Hebrew’s!! It says Hebrews 12:7-8. It says, “Endure hardship as discipline as God is treating you as His children.”

I said, “WAH!! Where did that come from?” I was getting goose pimples all over my body. I said, “This can’t be, right?” I mean, what’s the chance of somebody, who has never read the bible, to have a vision of a chapter of a specific verse, that answers my question directly?

I think God called to me directly as I was there sleeping, struggling with it, asking God, “Why do I have to suffer? Why do I have to suffer this?” And God says “Endure hardship as discipline as God is treating you as His child.”

At this point, the chance of that happening is even lesser than my EGFR being positive. There’s just no way; there’s so many millions of thousands of verses in the bible, how can I just conjure up something like that?

So at that point, I was sold I said, “YOU WIN! YOU WIN!!”

Ok , I was convinced. And so from that day onwards, I started believing in my God. And the last time I heard that inner voice was the end of April. And that inner voice, same thing, in the afternoon, as I was sleeping (this time I wasn’t struggling, just going to sleep). In a dreamy state I just heard Him say, “Help others in hardship.”

It was more like a command, rather than a statement. And that’s when I embarked on this journey, helping others in hardship. And I realised that hardship is not just about being poor. In fact, I think a lot of poor people are probably happier than a lot of us here. They are so easily contented with whatever they have, they’re probably pretty happy.

Hardship can happen to rich people; it can be physical hardship, mental hardship, social, etc. And also over the last few months, I started to understand what this true joy is about. In the past, I substituted true joy with the pursuing of wealth. I thought true joy is about pursuing wealth. Why? Cos let me put it to you this way, in my death bed, I found no joy whatsoever in whatever objects I had – my Ferrari, thinking of the land I was going to buy to build my bungalow etc, having a successful business.

It brought me ZERO comfort, ZERO joy, nothing at all. Do you think I can hold onto this piece of metal and it’s going to give true joy? Nah, it’s not going to happen.

True joy comes from interaction with other people. And at a lot of times, it is a short term pride, the past. When you pursue your wealth, Chinese New Year is the best time to do it. Drive my Ferrari, show off to my relatives, show off to my friends, do my rounds, and then you thought that was true joy? You really think that those guys who sold you your Ferrari, they share their joy with you? And your relatives, wow, they share this joy with you? In truth, what you have done is just to illicit envy, jealousy, and even hatred. They are not sharing the joy with you, and what I have is that short-term pride that wow, I have something you don’t have! And I thought that was joy!

So what we have is basically a short-term pride at the expense of somebody else. And that wasn’t true joy. And I found no joy at all on my deathbed, thinking of my Ferrari – to hold on to it, sayang it?!?

True joy I discovered comes from interaction. Over the last few months I was so down. Interaction with my loved ones, my friends, my brothers in Christ, my sisters in Christ, and only then was I able to be motivated, able to be uplifted. To share your sorrow, to share your happiness – that’s true joy.

And you know what makes you smile? True joy comes from helping others in hardship, and because I’ve gone through this, I know what hardship entails. In fact, there’re some cancer patients who tell me a lot of times, people come up to them and tell them, “Stay positive. Stay positive.” Yah, right. You come in my shoes and you try to stay positive! You don’t know what you’re talking about!

But I have the licence. So I’ve been going out to meet other fellow cancer patients, to share with them, encourage them. And I know, because I’ve been through it, and it’s easier for me to talk to them.

And most importantly, I think true joy comes from knowing God. Not knowing about God – I mean, you can read the bible and know about God – but knowing God personally; getting a relationship with God. I think that’s the most important. That’s what I’ve learnt.

So if I were to sum it up, I’d say that the earlier we sort out the priorities in our lives, the better it is. Don’t be like me – I had no other way. I had to learn it through the hard way. I had to come back to God to thank Him for this opportunity because I’ve had 3 major accidents in my past – car accidents. You know, these sports car accidents – I was always speeding , but somehow I always came out alive, even with the car almost being overturned. And I wouldn’t have had a chance. Who knows, I don’t know where else I’d be going to! Even though I was baptised it was just a show, but the fact that this has happened, it gave me a chance to come back to God.

Few things I’d learnt though:
1. Trust in the Lord your God with all your heart – this is so important.
2. Is to love and serve others, not just ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with being rich or wealthy. I think it’s absolutely alright, cos God has blessed. So many people are blessed with good wealth, but the trouble is I think a lot of us can’t handle it. The more we have, the more we want. I’ve gone through it, the deeper the hole we dig, the more we get sucked into it, so much so that we worship wealth and lose focus. Instead of worshipping God, we worship wealth. It’s just a human instinct. It’s just so difficult to get out of it.

We are all professionals, and when we go into private practise, we start to build up our wealth – inevitably. So my thought are, when you start to build up wealth and when the opportunity comes, do remember that all these things don’t belong to us. We don’t really own it nor have rights to this wealth. It’s actually God’s gift to us. Remember that it’s more important to further His Kingdom rather than to further ourselves.

Anyway I think that I’ve gone through it, and I know that wealth without God is empty. It is more important that you fill up the wealth, as you build it up subsequently, as professionals and all, you need to fill it up with the wealth of God.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yes. Tomorrow Is Monday.

Dang! Mr Hobbit is having a full week of school break. How nice!! 

Baby Hobb woke up extra early this Sunday morning and decided to look left and right at his papa and mama just to check whether we were awake. Nope! It was on a Sunday, what do you expect? He then plot a plan in his head and moved closer to each of us and fling our faces with his little palm! Good job in convincing us to play with him!! Before long, he managed to get us out of our comfy comforter and out into his world. 

We were invited to our country's embassy today. Obviously Baby Hobb had to take his bathe earlier. While Hobbit was fixing Baby Hobb, I quickly ran through the list of errands I had to complete before stuffing ourselves with Msian food! Then off to our embassy at about 11am. 

We had to pay our yearly fees. Food was the best compared to many other events in the past. That made us super happy! 

Then off we went to my school for the world choir champions' performance. The worship seating was just right. Wasn't too crowded. Awesome voice. My jaw was hanging waiting to drop...Amazing talents!! Keep up!

Coming Soon!!

A pastor was driving last week when he saw an old man and gave him a lift. While they were in the car the old stranger asked the pastor; “Do you know what happened in heaven last night?” The pastor quickly pulled over on the curb and asked; “What do you know about what happened in heaven last night?”

The old man replied, “Last night in heaven God became very angry with men and commanded the angels to blow the seven trumpets and pour the bowls of the wrath of God on Earth. God could no longer stand the wickedness and rebellion of the evil. The angels were about to do it when Jesus fell on His knees before God and began to plead in tears. He told His Father that His death on the cross should not go in vain.

God the Father then said; "I will give men their last chance but I do not have much patience and time."

Jesus then turned to the angels and told them to fly to the Earth in numerous numbers and tell each human being to repent and accept Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in their lives. The end is near! Jesus is coming very soon!"

The minster, sweating and trembling asked; “Sir, how did you know this?”
The old man replied; I am one of the angels that were sent to this world. Use every medium of communication to send this message. There is no time to waste. Please! Then the old man simply disappeared.

This story is real. Christ is coming soon! Please repent. I beg of you. Please pass this message around. Copy, share, email and text it. Save a soul today. I have done my part. It is now your turn to spread this very important message. No time wasted in sharing the gospel can be compared to the life everlasting in heaven.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Random thoughts

I just saw this web url a while ago, At first, I thought that it would probably be a site dedicated to horse riding or something related to that. Anyway, it turned out to be a site where they sell TV stands and mounts! Ok, that does make sense. Right? Sometimes if you leave it up to others to interpret an open ended phrase, it will definitely cause a lot of confusions. Anyway, I am so blur today! Bleh!

Be careful of what you post in FB!

You guys definitely should be extra careful of the kinds of photos you post on Facebook. Why? Well, the video below will tell you for sure.

Old time fave TV show

I don't know why but, every time I hear about kids talking about WWE or wrestling as you know it, it reminded me of a typical evening at home where my family would be watching this particular act on TV. It was kind of hilarious because you would hear them saying things like "just punch or kick him already" or "that arrogant wrestler going after someone half his size" and phrases  like that. Those were the days that I kind of miss. Sometimes these kinds of TV shows really made me think of the good times that I've had with the family back home. I wonder what it will  be like for my son? I don't think I will let him watch this wrestling show thingy otherwise next he'll be asking his dad for wrestling equipments for his next birthday. 

Honey Boo Boo what?

I agree with Jimmy Kimmel that the new reality show Honey Boo Boo is downright crap. What kind of tv producers would want to feature this family anyway? I really don't get it. First the Kardashians, now Honey Boo Boo?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hartke Blast

Yesterday, I took the wheels and drove my family down to Central World. I haven't been here a lot but I always love this place. Before the place burnt down, I remember coming here with my friend, Nok. Almost every week. We love strolling and just look at things. Look at them, check the price tags. Affordable? Took second and third look. Not affordable? Put 'em down. Yeah, so we shop hopped until it was time for refreshments. Then the hunt for dainty things continued. 

Being in Central World on a week end is like being in a night market. Full of people. Not exactly shoppers but people. Like us?? Not shoppers but a part of the crowd who just want to find a comfy place to hang out during the weekend and enjoy some food or the mall's background music to name the least.

So I was searching for dresses on the sale section while Hobbit was pushing little Hobb in his stroller. Out of nowhere, this Hartke kickass combo amp blasted Justin Bieber's Baby song as if honking shoppers to halt and pay attention! Yes, they sounded cool on Hartke amps but hey, to blast off like that for attention is nothing but madness! Shocked, little Hobb was awaken from his about-to-start nap and never went back to his stroller again! Well, if it wasn't for that experience, I wouldn't have noticed the magnificent bass combo hartke. If you can afford one, get one with this brand. I'll guarantee the quality of your music and attentions given! :)

Letter to October

Hello October,

It's so nice to greet you again. A year ago today, I was constantly worried if I could pull through and survived my pregnancy lingo. But God was good to me. His grace and mercy brought me through it all.
Today, there is no day comparable to the days I am living right now because of little Hobb in my life. Hobbit and I are so blessed. The opportunity to watch him grow and the opportunity to raise him...Such big responsibilities, yet God trusted us enough, in His time, to allow the both of us to train our little Hobb in accordance to His mighty will.

Yesterday, as I was observing little Hobb through out the day, I noticed that he no longer acts like a new born, but a growing infant. Constantly trying to reach out for something. Invariably trying to babble words unknown to himself, rapidly showing personality. I can't just contain the joy when all these development are showing right in front of me. What continuously makes my heart skip a beat is his sweet, sweet smile. His purposeful eyes starring right on your face accompanied with a huge unpretentious smile, ever.

Oh ya, little Hobb sleeps like a clock needle at work. Hobbit and I wakes up at different times and he is at a different 'hour' -- ever changing position. Now October, I kinda see my days less boring these days, well not that it was boring before but you know, ever changing, like his sleeping position. Days are fast and time are few...

H&M just launched their outlet last month. I am eyeing on having some of their nice blouses and blazers.I thought I could do so this month but my expenses are way beyond my earnings. Maybe next time. Oh but I will still go, hunt for clothes, that I can add to my already overflowing wish list.

Ehm...Will it rain a lot this month? Will it flood a lot like last year? There were a lot of uncertainties last year and I would like my school days to be predictable so they would be easy on my planning. Making up classes and adding up time proved no fun for a lot of us. The rumors about the 2 meter flood only consumed our worst imagination but they never really sink our land. Other parts did suffer atrociously and I believe it was the betise in the government that should be blamed. Anyway, please tell the weather to be a little kinder to us while you're in reign. 

Make our days idyllic even with daily challenges. Most of all, make me a better person, better than the way I am last month ^_^! Sweet welcome and goodbye. I will try and say hi again the next time you come by.

Hobb Wife

Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Walk To Madam Butterfly

This week was one of those weeks where I thought I should be relaxing more than working and sleeping more than waking but everything went the other way round. 

After my school's retreat, I went home to do laundry, tidy the kitchen, wash the dishes, unpack stuff from the retreat, continued routines with little Hobb and did many more rounds of laundry after that. Both Hobbit and I were super exhausted. Nanny was on holiday. 

The next day, instead of church, we decided to praise God from home. Taught little Hobb songs and praises. We went to fix the broken breast pump (after it was returned to me) as instructed by the sales lady, but apparently it was already fixed. Silly her for not checking and all that miscommunication on her part. Sabbath went by swiftly...

It was 5pm and the weather was getting gloomy. I rushed between dolling up myself and preparing little Hobb's food. If my mind was blessed with hands and feet, it would be able to by-pass my multitasking skills. Obviously it worked quicker than my physical capabilities. I was lost in between my mascara and my hungry baby's yell! To top that, Hobbit was worried of me being late for my 6pm appointment with the van in school to go watch the Madam Butterfly with my students at Thailand Cultural Center. Whew!! He pushed me to the max so I could set my head right and focus on where I would be going. That he would make a careful attempt to handle little Hobb, alone. 

Van to leave at 6pm and I was just halfway to the van, I decided to be "frugal" and took the BTS and then the MRT. Just as I was running up the BTS, my heels felt as if they were about to break. Ahh! Why do they have to break today?? Throughout the hallway to the MRT train, I was hoping everything would be a short walk away. When I reached Thailand Cultural Center, I thought as soon as I stepped down and go up the escalator, I would see the migthy TCC. Nope! My opposite view was of Big C. Then as I walked further,I decided to stop and ask for direction. Ahh, it's bla bla bla bla bla. That's also a description of how far I had to walk. And sweat.

As soon as I arrived TCC, I went into a convenient store, bought a cold drink, drank all of it, ran to the restroom and wipe all the yucky sweat away. This was how I attended Madam Butterfly. Moody and smelly! Yet thank God that it was all worth it. The play was really good. I got to come home with the van halfway till school. And it rained, but I managed to take a taxi home.

Hobbit was relieved that I came home safely yet he was more thankful that I was home to relief him from handling baby hobb all alone. :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Life Ticks!

I haven't find time to share my 30 Day Challenge Photography with Baby Hobb yet! Argh!! I have taken the pictures everyday. Just need to find time to blog! Work have kept me busy and with the triple A visitation to our school this week, life hasn't slowed down a bit. On top of that, it is to my health expense that I am running all these errands until weekend says hello. 

Right now, all I think about is that cozy bed at home. It's calling me like crazy! My working environment is really contaminated right now. Not a good place be with all the different kinds of viruses circling in the air. Yet I am grateful to still have the energy to work. This flu is not a good thing. It basically hinders me from doing full swing of what I do best in class -- talk. My students are happy because I 'babble' less and let them sit and do their work peacefully. I need to know where to find pandora charms that enables me to get better and on my feet again. I have a whole lot of monkeys to watch over my shoulders, and a baby to care for. God help me!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We Are At 5

I would love to tell you about everything rosy since Nanny number 4 came to town but of all the things that has worked out for me, this I would like to defer, at least on the rosy part. Nanny number 4 had to leave and now we are settled with Nanny number 5. Nanny number 5 is actually Nanny number 4's aunty. The transition was easy thus I had nothing to complain about.

Nanny number 5 loves music. Every now and then, without holding back she would sing to Little Hobb familiar hymns and worship songs. It made my heart smile everytime I hear her singing songs that I want Little Hobb to get familar with. Not some luk thungs and some Karen pops that I have no clues of. I hear this a lot from Nanny number 3. Oh, she called me, this Nanny number 3. Telling how she should have thought it twice before resigning and wanted to get her sabai job back. Yeah, they call baby sitting Little Hobb a sabai job. Well, why did Nanny number 3 even have the nerve to call back and ask me to look for a job for her after all that worries she put me through? Dang, this post is for me to talk about Nanny number 5! Being young, I applaud her for being able to have that motherly instinct for Little Hobb. Makes me think if I should take her to our company picnic at the end of this school year...

Well, it has been a week since Nanny number 5 came, I think she is doing a good job with my baby. She does not cook like our Nanny number 2, yet she is helpful in every ways. Having her indeed is another way God showed us that He care.

30 Day Challenge Photography with Baby Hobb!

I have been keeping this list like forever! You know how you say "Someday if I have kids, I will do this with them..." Although still too early, I think my 'someday' has arrived. Don't worry! Little Hobb and I will share our 30-day challenge and fun with you, here!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nanny Number 4

I sort of heard a self-spoken line that went like "Congratulations Hobbwife, you just got yourself a fourth nanny!" Grrrr...Yeah, before anyone says something to me about a situation, I always make a self-practise, a sort of re-run in my head of how he or she would ask a question or make a remark about something and how I would respond to them. Come on, you do that too, don't you? Good or bad, I make sure to have a self prep. so to not all of a sudden get too overly excited and of course not to instantly lash out and slap somebody on their face -- Bam!
Yes, we have a new nanny number 4. Nanny number 3 stayed like what, a week and a half? But let me tell you, that God do work in mysterous ways. When I found out how the puzzle fits altogether, I thought it were the fruits of the work we (the three of us) have done but no! He loves us unconditionally regardless of the good deeds and the bad deeds we did. This is the God we serve.
Right after our mother nanny number 2 left for a very good reason (we love her), she helped us find nanny number 3. Just as we were about to get acquainted with each other, nanny number 3, who wears a slane bee necklace, already have to bid goodbye. In distress, Hobbit called a pastor who helped us get nanny number 2. Pastor wasn't sure if there's anyone. So he and us prayed about it.
Taste and see that the Lord is good...
In an instant, pastor called back and we have nanny number 4. It happened that a sweet girl was in search for a job. Speaking of coincidence. We gladly went to the pastor's house yesterday to pick up nanny number 4. Speaking again of coincidence. Nanny number 4 can manage malay conversation very well. Ahh...How nice. Now we can converse in three languages at home. Four if we learn her mother tongue, Karen.
We are truly blessed.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bumbo Baby Seat for Baby Hobb

Baby Hobb loves his lime green Bumbo Baby Seat. We bought it with the make shift table too! Hobbit and I won't splurge if it wasn't for his urge to want to sit down all the time. And now that he is feeding on solid food, it trains him to sit when having a meal. I hate seeing kids running around while being fed. So I don't want baby Hobb to cultivate the same habit. Praying hard he will not. 

Trying out the Bumbo seat at the store
Hobbit and I went to get his chair from a representative store after ordering it online. Costly, but anything for this little munchkin! He loves being in his seat! I love the touch of it too! :)

Checking out the mini table :)
 If you would like to get this Bumbo seat here in Thailand, check out baby best buy. There are many different colors to choose from. :)

Broken Breast pump

I love my pink manual breast pump but as baby Hobb gets a little older everyday, he prefers to have his milk in the bottle rather than latching on, except when he is sleepy. Due to this, my pumping session has become frequent. I try to discipline myself to pump milk out every  3-4 hours a day. Now, pumping milk is not an easy task. 
Exactly how my Mothercare breast pump look like

I don't know how a cow feels after being pumped (I feel for them having many pumps latching on at once in one milking session) but at the end of one session, I totally felt exhausted, like I do copper tube bending! My hands and fingers gets sore from all the pressing/adding pressure. My arms get clumsy, my knees and ankles ache! I totally felt so worn out! I have to quickly drink something or else I would faint. It is totally different from when baby Hobbs latches on. It is more natural, more relaxing. Not pumping.

So, in order to ease my misery, Hobbit decided that I should have an electronic breast pump that does the pumping job for me while all I have to do is to hold the pump bottle. Easy right? When the recent Baby Best Buy Thailand at Queen Sirikit was held, we were the first few customers who visited the event. This event is held every twice a year. The last time I went was last February, and got lots of good deals on the big stuff like cribs, stroller, etc. This time I went, I focused solely on what baby Hobb could use for the next few months like feeding stuff and the biggest investment of all this month -- an electronic breast pump. 

As soon as I got it, I started using it. Boy did it make a heck lot of a difference! The many nightmare sessions of manual pumpings suddenly turns out to be fun and much awaited for session. My milk production increased as well due to the flexibility of the pump that can go slow to fast according to the speed of your preference. Everytime I come home from work, I would sit by the bedside and turn on the pumps while I enjoy reading my Reader's Digest. I actually have time to slit in some reading time!! Hooray! 

But last Wednesday, I suddenly noticed that the electric pump didn't exert much pressure anymore. I thought it was the speed but I double checked. It wasn't the speed. Something was wrong at the tip of the tube connecting to the little machine. So I checked and found that the little plastic cap broke and leaks air while pumping. Arggghhh! Now what am I suppose to do? There was no spare parts in the box but I did keep the warranty card. 

In despair, I just took the broken tube to the representative store to fix it and the lady told me I need to wait a donkey MONTH for them to ship the parts from Hong Kong to Bangkok! What?? How will I contain my milk without the e-pump for a month?? Giving me no option, I had to resort to the manual pump! Switching back, my motivation of pumping went down to once a day!! Pathetic right?? Yeah...I need to re-fix my pumping schedule. Otherwise, baby Hobb would run out of the most essential milk once and for all! And I don't want that to happen to him! 

Oh, just so you soon-to-be mothers want to know, the doctor told me that when the baby reach six months old, breast milk is just like a snack to them. We can choose to ween them off if we want to. One more month for me!!

I Won't Give Up On You

I was trying to learn this song on piano today. Youtubed it and turns out it is that easy to play! Next is to learn how to play it with my guitar! Time, please be kind to moey!

Stills the Soul

My friend G, living in Sydney, has been complaining that I don't write authentic stuff anymore. She also complained about me not doing any of my usual hobbies. Well girl, I need more than 24 hours a day if I have to fit in blogging and hobbies into my daily schedule. My life is craaaaaahhhhzeeeeeee right now! Haha! 

I told myself before baby Hobb came that I won't want my friends to think that I am always busy with the baby that I don't have time to do anything. Well, right now, I want to officially declare that I really, really don't have time for needles and threads, and pots and pans, what more Private Practice and Glee!!! Apart from work, I spend all my leisure on wiping pukes and singing lullabies...Ah wait, singing lullabies for me self to sleep, and not the baby. Yes, I spend my 'free time' thinking what is the next errands in my to-do list. And when I am done with a day's list, I spend my suppose-to-be sleeping time writing my next to-do list and the cycle goes on...!!!

Yet ladies and gentleman, my life is full of purpose now. I use to think about my purpose in life, A LOT in the past. When a baby suddenly pops out as a light bulb in your life, you will know right on why you are doing what you are doing. As the days goes by, you suddenly realize that your future is not a future without him or her in it. Then slowly, the things that mattered most to you in the past no longer hold place in your priority list. You see yourself crossing out all your selfishness and wants with one unison reason--sacrifice.There, the purpose of them all...Once you know it, your heart will beat at peace, just by knowing. 

So G, if I could do anything to defy gravity, I will jump on the opportunity to complete some of my incomplete projects lying around the house and pick up the ladle to whisk a cake or two. :) 

Uhm, is this authentic enough? Or should I mention something like life ins? Haha!

Payphone - Alex G

Maroon 5 is coming to Bangkok! My friends and students are really excited about it. I'll just past! Hah! I love their payphone song, by the way. Reminds me of how I used to collect coins just to call that special person from a public phone...:)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Mother's Day at School

It's Mother's Day today at our school. We celebrated Mother's Day the same day as the Queen's birthday here in Thailand. The Queen's birthday falls on every 12th of August every year. Since the 12th falls on Sunday this year, our school decided to have a small program for all the mothers today. This is also my first Thai Mother's Day as a mom. The program was simple and short but I was impressed with two things -- the students' speech and the music. I thought both my students did well with their speeches and Nattwara, a grade 5 student, who was also my former Chinese student, did excellent and pulled through a beautiful song popularized by Whitney Houston - The Greatest Love of All. To think the little girl has such a big, amazing voice was mind blowing. Anyway, my student who recommended me mapex drums dealers did well on his violin as well. He came and asked me if I noticed he played the violin. Of course I did! So to all you mothers out there, in Thailand especially, Happy Thai Mother's Day. Thank you for all the sacrifices and love you've shown to your children. To the beautiful Queen, a very happy birthday! :)

Happy Birthday, Mitch!

Happy Birthday Mitch! I felt so bad that I forgot to wish my brother Mitchum on his birthday yesterday. So I woke up at 3am just to lurke into his FB and wish him, with the excuse that I was busy entertaining his nephew, little Hobb. My sister gave him leather wallets for men knowing that he badly needed to change his wallet! Yup, that is my brother. He is the most frugal among us sibs. That explains why he handle moola way better than any of us at home. I am proud to be his sister because of his many good traits be it inherited or not. :) Now all I wish for is to see him walk down the isle with the girl of his dream! Oh wait...Someone that I approve of...Haha!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Time for New Shades?

Time for New Shades? 

The caption above caught my attention when I keyed in rayban cheap in google. My choices of shades changed since I cut my hair short. I no longer like the predator look but more into aviator look. Most of my predator sunnies didn't make the cut when I put it on with short hair. But, the aviators ones, which I never had when I had my hair long, looked really good. So, instead of going out to all the rayban stores in Bangkok, I made a search online to see if there are certain shades that fits to my liking. Well, I did buy two of the aviator shades from Vinci and at one of the kiosk in Major, Ekamai but I am still looking for a shade that has a crystal grey gradiant lens. I'll show you when I made it to the end of my hunt! :)

21st Century Learners

This was shown at our new students orientation program yesterday. For all you teachers, take time to think about it. This overwhelms me to pursue more technology use in my classroom. I am already utilizing them but still, how much do they really learn? How can they learn effectively through technology? Do I have to totally sweep off traditional classroom?

Meeting with Aunty Jov

My family (Hobbit, little baby Hobb and I) look forward to every Friday evenings. When baby Hobb came into our life, we made it a habit to take him when we are free to think about school and work the next day. Of course the next day will be Sabbath for us, but an evening dinner with a short stroll will not harm our spiritual life, do they? Besides the weekend, we seldom or close to never take baby Hobb out unless he needs to go to the hospital. During the weekends, baby Hobb is usually surrounded by his awesome aunties and sometimes uncles. We make it such that he will get to socialize with them while we at the same time, relax our minds! :) 

So Friday evening, yesterday, Hobbit and I took little Hobb to the newly opened Japanese Mall, Gateway to get some 'fresh air' (you know Bangkok!!). Little Hobb also got to meet aunty Jov, who came for vacation purposes. We dined at a Japanese restaurant called Otumo Tomato. The food was great and I will surely be back for their ceasar salad and pumpkin soup! I love the colors of the restaurant too, I mean, at least little Hobb did, for a while. I just wish they have oversized bean bag chairs where we can sit on and relax. 

The night was good. Little Hobb enjoyed his stroll and we got to chill after a long day of work!

Sew His Word

I simply love the message in this poem.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gibson j-45 for Sale

I spotted a Gibson j-45 for sale and asked Hobbit what he thought about it. He simply shrugged his shoulders and told me that as of now we have different things to focus on. And getting a Gibson j-45 was out of the question. I totally agree with him because I guess it's kind of true that we do have something else on our minds. Definitely not musical instruments....but gadgets! Yes, I think it's time to invest in another one of those hi-tech stuff that will make our life easier. So, sorry Gibson j-45 you're not in our list for now!

Introducing Formula Milk

I started introducing formula milk to little Hobb a week after he came home from the hospital. Yes, I know facts about breastfeeding and I also know that breastfeeding tops it all. However, sometimes what we wish for is out of our control and ability. My son was not too impress with breastfeeding no matter how comfortable I tried to make him. He only takes breast milk for less than 3 minutes and gives up. I had to pump the rest out and feed him through a bottle. Even so, my milk is not enough for him due to him not latching very often. So little Hobb is both a breastfed and formula-fed baby. 

Lately, his formula milk is giving him constipation. Everyday, we need to help him with some CVO. So last week, I took the courage to change his milk to a soy-based milk. Many parents claimed that once their dairy-based babies tasted a soy-based milk, they would spit the soy out of their system. I took the plunge anyway and hey, little Hobb loves it. Today marked a week of him being on breast milk and soy milk. He has no problem switching between the two. But, we noticed this morning that his stool consistency had changed from hard golden-yellow to a runny dark green stool. This disturbed me but I also know that things like this happen when we make some changes in babies' milk. Now, should I switch back since the soy milk is about to finish or should I continue with the soy? You might think that soy based milk is healthier compared to cow based milk but let me tell you, soy based milk has its own cons. Don't get sold by marketing strategies unless you have done a thorough read on it. The articles I read here and here, made me cringe. To think about how all the vegetarians adore tofu and gluten...I can go on and on but hey, my post is merely talking about formula milk. At the end, I think Hobbit and I will still stick to cow's milk and soy milk to see which one actually suits him best. This way, it will be more easier to choose which milk suits him best as he grows...

Oh, I suddenly remember that I need to get jockey scrubs. Toodles! :)

Holiday Tutoring

Doing tutorials on a holiday is not all that fun. Given a choice, I would rather do tutorials during regular school days as it doesn't interfere with any unwanted changes in my schedule. This summer, I am asked to tutor a student who is transferring from a Thai school to our school. So the father wants the son to be able to catch up with his language skills. The session is all fun but for me to go to places in order to comply with my student's preferences kills me. One place the both of us dislike the most is Ekamai Major's McDonalds. I wonder why McD don't bother to fix their air-cond. The first and second day we were there, we both sweat like crazy! Anyway, it has been a week now and we favor the food court nearby that place more compared that place! Their thermal transfer wasn't working too! Nevertheless, I am glad that I was allowed to take a break for a week from tutoring this week and start again next week. At least I could use some extra to support baby Hobb's ample crave for milk! :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Little Butterly Friend

This is Little Hobb's favorite Elmo's song! Hobbit was the one to introduce him to this cute song on the ipad. Little Hobb's eyes sang without blinking! He even muttered the word "butterfly" while he was cooing. Now we use this as a diaper change distraction. He doesn't always like diaper changing time but with Elmo in butterfly wings, his eyes is always fix (which is not too good, I know)! Thanks goodness for little things like this! But oh, no...We don't want him to get anywhere near our ipads, smartphones nor the tv. Don't want to lose that precious attention span of his! :)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

2nd Hepatitis B Shot

It's Sabbath and I am due for another Hepatitis vaccine shot. I totally have forgotten that I have to do it a month after until the nurse called me to reconfirm my appointment yesterday. Thinking that I just went there last Wednesday for baby Hobb's vaccination. Arrghh! I might as well get my fiberreed on our way back for my saxophone. 

Baby Hobb woke up very early this morning, as usual. I think I accidentally glide his face with my right arm earlier. I was dreaming of something that involved my hands. Goodness, I wonder if I have ever hit him accidentally in the past while he was sleeping next to me? Okay, this post is going nowhere and very random. I am going to dress up and get the boys look good right now. They are still not close to getting ready yet! Enjoy the Sabbath's blessings guys! :)

The Yoyo Gang

I have awesome students this summer. There are six of them -- four girls and two boys. They like to go everywhere in groups. I label them The Yoyo gang. Reason is, they like to bring yoyo candy to class almost everyday. They even accumulated the yoyo packet bags and kept it in a bigger bag so they could count how many yoyos they have consumed since summer class started. They use gold bars to count every single little things. Well, not exactly gold bars but the like. 

Before the first week ended, one of them suggested they have mama party during their break time. So one of them brought a mini water heater. The water heater is still in my classroom right now. The second week, they thought they wanted 7-eleven fast food party. So one of them brought a microwave to school. Seriously. These students bought a big bag full of microwavable food and shared with me in class. I never have such awesome meal during break time as this one. Then before the second week ended, they decided to have American breakfast on their first break time. So one of them brought a.....bread toaster!! Woah! I couldn't believe my eyes when they started putting out all their utensils and really ate American breakfast! Not to mention in between the weeks, they ordered from Pizza company, Mc Donalds and KFC! I was blown away totally. Yet, I enjoyed having them because I enjoyed the treats. Bwahahaha! Don't get me wrong, we are not in a cooking class! These students never neglected their studies. Very dedicated students as well. And I thank God for each of them. They inspired me a lot during this summer and I am sad that it is going to end next week already! I will definitely remember these bunch of students for they are unique and special in their own different ways!

If I Cry A Thousand Tears

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Is This Your Playground?

I was strolling at the park with Hobbit last week and we found ourselves discussing about playground equipment and its safety. One of the things we were concerned about is hygiene. Since we were bogged down with a lot of vaccine issues, now we find ourselves getting paranoid over little things that might be a play area for our little one in the future. Yet, we talked about wanting to let little Hobb 'dig worms' so as to build his immunity towards all the germs around him but letting him being around kids that comes from different places and different homes in the playground? To think that we want to limit his vaccine intake? Many times I don't know how parents split their brains. It is still hard for the both of us to take in many things we oppose to in regards of raising our child but where do we draw the line?

Structured Settlements

I really have no idea about structured settlements. Yet I know that it helps a person when he or she needs funding so he or she can get on with his or her life. When we purchase our annuity with them or do structured settlement payments, they will help us get the lump sum money we need. Anyway, I can't possibly do this right now because of my many commitments. Little Hobb do need a lot of things and Hobbit and I are trying to prepare his future as much as we can, now. I am so glad to have parents who thought about their children's future. They have taught me how to manage my son's future by having good financial plans now so that we do not have to worry so much in the future. 

Minimouse Baby

Saw this in pinterest.
Hello Minimouse baby...You are so adorable! :)

Cute Tool Bags

I was cleaning my plastic drawers yesterday and noticed that Hobbit has a lot of tools that needed a real home. They cannot just be everywhere around the drawers. So I told him after he got home that he will have to gather all his tools and send them to me for a head count and measuring. He was very curious as to why I have to measure his tools. Then I told him that I was just trying to help him get organized. "Am I not organized enough? I put them in the drawers!" "Oh ya...In the drawers...But it is everywhere in the drawers!" A few minutes after that, he came out from our mini room and brought me his tools in different sizes and said "here. Now tell me why do you have to measure them?" I paused but can't help smiling...Then finally have to just kill his curiosity by telling him that I was going to sew him a tool bag. Now, he has no choice but to choose among the tool bags that I personally like as the pictures below. 

Easy Web Page Builder

I was totally blown away by this site called easy web page builder. You must take time to check it out. How much time and effort does it take to make a website? I remember my teenage years when I first tried to create my own website using yahoo page builder. It cost me sleepless nights just to finish up one simple column and many insomnia nights to built things up from scratch. Those days, I didn't mind much about sleep nor care much about time. I rather stay at home and sit for hours a day starring on a tiny but bulky computer screen! Those were really the days. Days where my mom had to yell before I could get up at quarter to 12. Then she had to do another yelling at quarter to 5 in the wee mornings! Those were the days when panda eyes were normal among students with the same interest in my class. Ahh...Should I re-live those days, I would have slept as much. Yes, as much as I can...sleep.

Smart or Dumb Phone?

So she finally bought an iphone after 5 months of sitting on the fence between iphone and Samsung galaxy SII. Many convinced her to buy iphone and many convinced her to get the adroid driven Samsung too! So she rather settled for a cheap Nokia phone before deciding on the best smartphone that suits her. I understand her struggles on making a decision. They say life was much easier when apple and blackberry were just fruits back then. The market is filled with smartphones as cheap as 4000B. Whoever wants to be 'tarzan' nowadays? Anyway, soon I too have to make a choice on whether to settle for a smartphone or a dumbphone...Hehehe! My Berry is dying on me. Dang!

Plastic Printers

Just finished printing some stuff needed for a wedding gift. I am so glad my substitute teacher replaced my old printer in my classroom to a much sought for printer machine. I now can print, photocopy, fax and do other convenient stuff other than plastic printing. I was surfing and found the card printers to be really cool. Those who are in the print and design business must have one of these card machines because they are not like the usual, bulky ones. We can have one for our personal use as well. You can print gift cards and different types of tags from it. One good investment for those who design and make cards! :)

Nothing Is Gonna Change My Love

Kaori Kobayashi was among one of my inspiration when I started learning the saxophone 4 years ago. Apart from Mindy Abair, Kobayashi's music motivated me to practice everyday despite my chapped and sore lips due to learning the instrument. The time when I found out I was carrying little Hobb, I distance myself from my sax and was suffering from the withdrawal effect for quite sometime. There was a time during my pregnancy that I really felt like grabbing my sax and just blow to the songs that I have been practicing from my many lessons with Joe. Now, it is almost impossible to make music through my saxophone due to an open neighborhood I moved into this year. Haish! Wish I have my own sound proof room!Yet, nothing is gonna change my love for my sax!! I'll take you back in my arms and never let go...One day...One day..

Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Nanny

Just in the span of two weeks, little Hobb already has two nannies. The first one left and the new one is on duty. Lets talk about the first nanny. She seemed to be a puppet to her husband. We were introduced to her by a church friend a week before she started work, the first week of June. She is married with a husband and three grown up children. We liked her because she was really into little Hobb and not worry about how much she would get. Yet, the person who drives her sprinter van rack life is her husband. Hobbit and I dislike the husband despite how much he wanted us to trust him. Just wish he hopsHe used to pick up the wife in the evenings. If the wife is still working by the time he reached our place, he will come in to the house and look around as if inspecting on things. I can't tell you how much I hated the gesture! 
In the span of two weeks, there were three big dramas that drove me to the wall. Two days before she was suppose to start work, the husband called and told us that the wife couldn't work anymore because she was to return to her old job. I was literally mad. She told me two days before she was to start work and how was I supposed to look for a new baby sitter in the span of two days? Then all of a sudden, prayers answered. She called a day before she was supposed to start and told us that she could work again. See? Then another drama happened the fourth day of work. She came early in the morning and told me off immediately that she was sorry for she can't continue work because he salary is not enough. What? What did she mean by not enough? I asked my Thai friends and they scolded me for my willingness to pay this lady the amount she asked, and now she wants more?? So I made a deal with her that instead of the amount she wanted, I would give her a thousand baht lesser than the amount she asked for. Then when I get a pay raise, I would also raise her salary. She discussed with her husband and finally agreed to it. Now the last drama... She took off right after she received her half month pay! Grrrrrr...Yet, thank goodness she left. God opened way for another nanny to come in. More about the second nanny in my next post!
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