Thursday, December 8, 2011

Love on the Guitar

I first learned how to play the guitar when I was in high school because of my desperation to accompany a crush while he sung in church. As time went by, my deep interest in guitar just died off just like my secret love towards the crush! As I entered college, a teacher managed to get me into classical guitar for a while but this too died off just like my relationship with that particular teacher. So when my husband aka. Hobbit was suddenly into Gibson Les Paul, I had to ask whether it was a person or a thing! Apparently it is a branded electric guitar that he wants and with what we make each month, it would take years of earnest savings just to own the one that he has been dreaming of! Anyway, because of Hobbit's interest, my love for strings was suddenly revived all over again. Yes, Gibson Les Paul makes beautiful sound and music. One day if my bank allows, I will get him the one he has been wishing for! :)

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