Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Greetings from Ropoy

Greetings to all readers of this blog! This is her Hobbit aka Ropoy, your guest blogger for today! This is one of those very rare opportunities where I get the chance to spill out all my nonsense. And yes, before I continue, Babb would like to wish all of you a very merry Christmas and a joyful new year 2012! 

All righty, let's put all the silly humors aside and get serious.

Last Monday I had the chance to celebrate my birthday with some of my friends (some of my friends only because most of them are away for the holidays). Well, all I could say about that night is it was awesome! I thank God because I had the chance to dine with these great and beautiful people. Life has been quite good this year. Although I had some bad experiences still, the goodness of it outshines all the gloomy ones! The best gift is yet to come people! I'm pretty sure that next year will be quite challenging because me and my missus will be walking on uncharted grounds (at least for us). Yay! That does sound scary but hey you! Bring it on! Whatever the collision estimation is.....both of us are all geared and set up to go! I guess I have said enough folks, again, God bless you all and have a safe holidays!   

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