Friday, December 30, 2011

Can't Get Over 17/275

I think exhaustion is totally sinking on me. This evening marked the fifth time we moved and drove to our new place. A small midget could only carry thus much plus two heads doing it all by themselves! I know people who told us they can help but knowing us, we just hate to disturb others on their holidays. Thank God I have a hubby who persevered through it all. I just wish I was more than able to help him lift, move and arrange. Yet I could only do as much and get hell tired as if I have ran a hundred laps! My sister asked me about my birthday gifts for boyfriend aka Hobbit and I simply told her that my gift is still baking in the oven! LOL! Anyway, settling for something less when you have tasted the best is hard but we are doing it for the good of our family. I just can't get over this place (my old place) just yet but with time, I believe I would find many things to be thankful for as we start our lives in our new home.

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