Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quick Visit to Ikea

It felt so good to finally be able to drive our car again after a month! FYI, we purposely refused to drive our car around because we didn't want to give up a significant parking space at our building. It sounds silly and not that we cannot have other parking space but we liked that spot for 5 finger reasons. So today we finally made the move to say ahh...Lets just darn drive the car already! It's not weird but funny how 90% of us from this building (my apartment) rather take the taxi than drive our own car during this flood crisis. 
After Xiao Er Restaurant, we took the plunge to drive to the newly launched Ikea. Didn't take us long to drive there, totally opposite from what we thought it would take us. Once we drove into the boundary of Ikea, it gave us the same feeling of visiting a foreign outlet, something like Gloweave factory outlet or Walgreens (by itself) or any huge factory outlet by itself. The parking area was full but still it was easy enough to get a parking space and you can see people walking carrying blue Ikea bags out. Some with huge bags that things almost fall out, some like their bags were empty.
Buy this for 29B and it's guaranteed for life!
My bathroom stool! I love it!!
Someone said he didn't get anything, hey but he got towel rags, hot plate stand, rubber dinner mat, and a set of colorful knives! Ohh, he also got set hot dogs and brought home mashed potato meatballs! See!
So we walked into Ikea, browsed and picked up tiny bits of things (except my bathroom stool, not tiny at all), got an ultimate anniversary gifts for girlfriend and cashed out! I love the shopping concept. Watch the clip or go to their website to know more. Hobbit only took one 'decent' picture of me there! Bleh! We are planning to go again in December to get A, B, C to Z! Come!!

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