Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's Been a Good Week

Back to school after a long flood holiday was actually easier than I thought. One main reason that made it so much easier? Students and teachers are more than ready! Mind you, most of us didn't just have a spree holiday, we actually had to be on the watch of the flood at all times. I still feel for some of my own students who are directly affected. Some of them lost most of their possessions including some precious engraved plaques and some the ground and first floor of their houses. At least ten of my students are still living either with their relatives, rented apartments, and some outside of the country. The flood had subsided in many areas but some areas take longer to recover because they are the main path for the water to pass through before they drain out to sea. On the other hand, we have been having clement weather and it is such a blessing in many ways. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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