Thursday, November 10, 2011

Couch Potato, Anti Flood Depressant

My favorite past time of late is being a couch potato. I can tell you when was my last time spending so much time in front of the telly...The last time was right after my SPM high school exam! The uncertain holiday had really forced me to sit and watch (and not take for granted) the many programs/channels we have on our TV! I could see cellulite bursting here and there, thanks to all the snacking habits that comes with the couch too! See, why I want to work to resume so bad...Back to my current past time, it is not all bad too because I actually get to watch Chinese series, more news and more DIYs such as beauty fix and cooking! One of the Thai channel actually have this make-up show where the girls discussed about beautifying what is already beautiful to me. They suggested using eyelash growth enhancer serum if you want beautiful, longer serum. Wow...I was kinda sold at first but heck! I don't even know how to curl my eye lashes nor do I know how to fix fake eye lashes! Anyway, I really enjoyed all the DIY shows and don't mind sitting and munching if the programs actually are 'educational.'

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