Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Need Grading Day Back

I am exhausted and wish to take off for a while. Grading incoming notebooks, incoming worksheets, incoming test papers while having a mountful of essays has really taken a toll on me! For 2 consecutive days I have been getting up at 5 every morning and going to bed at 1 in the morning. Such is life! Tomorrow, I am going back to my old schedule...Lights off at 9 sharp.

Sometimes I wonder how those in nursing uniforms survive? Or those party goers? Stock market people? Ahh well, one of my students was right in some ways...I don't get paid more even if I stayed in school the whole day. Yet, I just can't help catching up with work because hey, I do love what I am currently doing and to see myself reaching my daily goals is just...pheeeww! :)

*Nevermind, I'll look forward for next week's upcoming hols then..
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