Thursday, October 6, 2011

The I Talk At School

I was shushing a student in our week of prayer chapel today because she not only started a bunch of students talking but she was fiddling with her blackberry phone before that. Shushing didn't work, I walked to her seat and asked her to move to the 'special' seat at the far end of the hall. She quickly grabbed my hand and with a daunted expression, she said to me "Steve Jobs died already!" I couldn't hear a thing while she repeated "Steve Jobs...The MAC!" Ahh, got it. So I told her, "it's no wonder dear, he was sit and listen!" Still, the news spread like fire...

How do you stop fans from talking and grieve about their idol? You can't. So I let all of my classes talk about it for 3 minutes before we started our dictation test today. One of the classes started talking about careers and how they want to be in Data Mining Specialist Jobs because they were inspired by Jobs' Stanford speech. I thought it was inspiring. Halfway through our dictation test, I asked how the word "attribute" can be used in a sentence. The moment I mentioned about all the "i" gadgets and how they attributed to Steve Jobs, they were actually enlighten by the new formula: iPhone 4 Steve.

Anyway, I first blogged about Steve Jobs here. RIP to the "Hungry & Foolish" man.

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