Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome Baby Aaron

Image was stolen from one of my cousin's fb! :)
Through my Ordinateurs de bureau, I received a very good news from my family! The family members celebrated the arrival of baby Aaron this morning. Baby Aaron looked exactly like my cousin A but also a shadow resemblance of his mom, E. E and I were classmates in form 4 and 5 and she used to call me Mamie because of the sound of the last syllable on my name. My friends and I called her Ina, innocent and sweet. When my cousin and Ina got engaged, I was taken by surprise knowing that my former classmate is with my cousin and that she would be my cousin in law in no time. I was overjoyed!
Well, without babbling more, I just want to congratulate both new parents for their little bundle of joy! I will see you when you're a little 'grown-up' baby Aaron! :)
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