Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sorry & Deductions

Awwww...I am inspired by this project. Such a moving one and doable at the same time. I think I know just a project for my students to earn back what they have lost in all the classroom deduction. As of now, they are beguiling me into doing stuff to earn back their points like you know...I keep a record of my minuses such as socks not covering ankle, deduct (they said it is much comfy to wear it halfway only..gggrrr!)...ROTC incomplete uniform, deduct...wrong shoes, deduct...speak Thai, deduct...bringing audiometer/gadgets to class, deduct...Oh dear! I am getting so good at deducting! I am still debating whether I should give grace points towards the end of every quarter just so that they could redeem a small portion of their grades back. Ahh! Community service always comes handy eh??

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