Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sabbath Gift

He is like a loving father tending to our every wounds.

I came home with a heavy heart this evening. I whined to Hobbit all the way home. At the back of my mind I was thinking, why am I like this? This is not me! Yet realising didn't change the fact that I was feeling down and low in spirit. My last blow was, couldn't there be any easier way than this??

As soon as I reached home, dumped everything, curled in bed...For once I felt like crying myself to sleep but all of a sudden it's as though I heard a voice (my own silent voice but surely not of me), the voice of God whispered, If God Is For Us, Who Can Go Against Us?

Immediately I knew that satan has implanted those negative feelings in me to make me feel worst whenever fear sets in. I thought this couldn't be happening, especially at times like these. I needed to be strong, I needed more faith to trust Him that no matter what, He will look after me and my family. If He is with us, who can say or do anything to destroy what He has instored for us?

After uttering that verse again and again...I finally felt my whole burden and sorrows and fear being lifted up and totally gone! I conveyed what just happened to Hobbit, my loving husband, and we both rejoiced in tears. God is just so amazing. My lack of faith has always made Him too small against all my problems. Yet I am thankful that when I call, He answers. He's never too busy nor too far away. With that said, have a Happy Sabbath folks!

Here's my favorite Sabbath prayer for today...

Dear God: It’s such an awesome feeling to come up to the Sabbath and simply, stop. After working my tail off all week long, I almost don’t know how to quit achieving, but you’ve told me I must. What a beautiful discipline that is.

Thank you, Father, for the loving strength in your command. Like a wise coach who says to his swimming protégé, “Out of the pool, son. Right now.” On my own, I’m prideful enough and ambitious enough and insecure enough that without you giving me a divine order, I’d keep right on blindly rat-racing right through every weekend.

It’s wonderful how your day of rest simply comes to me in the form of a gentle sunset. I don’t have to travel anywhere to find it, or qualify to experience it. If I’m here at home in my own backyard, or touring the farthest corner of Asia, the Sabbath just twinkles its starry way toward where I am waiting. I wish the entire planet was watching for it – and maybe someday it will be that way in your eternal kingdom.

But for this current life marked by urgent fatigue, thank you, Lord, for Sabbath rest.

In Jesus’ name, Amen!

--David B. Smith--

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